Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kansas City Afternoon Critical News Links

Emma Leigh is a retired Brit pr0n star but her nurse cosplay inspires a bit of attention for these critical Kansas City links from Missouri, Kansas and all across this cowtown. Take a peek:

Changing Kansas City History
Resentencing starts for man serving life in prison for killing 6 KC firefighters
Documenting Big Money Family Hot Mess
The FTC says Joel Tucker defrauded his brother's payday-lending company
JoCo Can't Save The Planet
Some in Lenexa concerned by plans to develop donated green space
Fear Late Night White Lady
Prairie Village police need your help finding thief burglarizing area cars
Overland Park Park Suspects On Camera
Victim confronts theft suspects inside Overland Park store
Hard Times For Westside Honcho
Focus put on flight risk, missing guns at bond hearing for longtime El Patron owner
Local Transit Runaround Allegations
KC shuttle service under investigation for charging customers multiple times
Delicious Local Foodie Neck Beard Prizes!!!
Kansas City area has 5 James Beard semifinalists, from chefs to baker to bar
Show-Me Cancer Stick Cash
Missouri Supreme Court Says State Entitled To $50 Million In Withheld Tobacco Funds
Wildcat Cheering Section Crackdown
K-State president "personally embarrassed" by students' chant during KU game
Rock Chalk Vermin Debate
KU Professor Uses Newly Discovered Rat Species To Make A Political Statement
Celebrate Kansas City Tech Persistence
Google Fiber losing 'hundreds' of employees but continues KC expansion
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Anonymous said...

Beards/ Food. Bad! Always. Be Clean.

Anonymous said...

We should have known that Google Fiber would become legacy technology long before their lethargic rabbits got it implemented. I expect we will have a man on Mars by the time they get Gigbit wireless up and running. They should find the local governments more than willing to help out with taxes however

Anonymous said...


When my masseuse started her reflexology technique on my buttocks, I'm afraid my chili bean lunch redefined the term aromatherapy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah right! Blame that gaping cavern on beans.