Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kansas City 2017 Homicide #17: Gunfire Victim Succumbs To Injuries After Double Shooting

Aftermath of a weekend shooting that proved fatal hours later . . . Victim dies after Friday double-shooting on Bellefontaine


Anonymous said...

Another hate crime. Black on black. Byron will wake up soon and blame it on White people. He's "blind" so he doesn't realize he is the root of the evil.

Anonymous said...

Byron D. Funkhouser, a German liberal, democrat, proven liar, thumbs his nose at laws who loves the Nazi word along with, redneck, idiot, moron, cocksucker, racist, bigot, extremist, right winger...need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Byron has to get u about 3:00 AM eastern. That way he can steal coins from the neighbors cars, get to the free doughnuts and coffee at the church and make it home in time to "help" the kids walk to school.