Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Jackson County Legislators Rebuke Prez Trump Immigration Crackdown Rhetoric

This week ANOTHER nonbinding and essentially meaningless bit of legislation made its way through the courthouse . . .

Take a look:

Examiner: County legislators extend support to immigrants


Legislators on Monday passed a resolution proclaiming the county's "commitment to being a welcoming community where all of our residents feel welcomed, safe, and able to fully participate in, and contribute to, our County's economic and social life." It made note that the county "was first settled by Native Americans and built up by pioneering immigrants moving west in a search for the American Dream ..."

This has almost much impact as the taco bowl the Prez Trump touted to win over the Latino vote during his campaign . . .

For activists and partisans, this might be important or at least another distraction from all the women who keep getting raped and killed in the JaxCo jail.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

A "resolution" form the Jackson County legislators!
Any document from such an august and competent elected body is sure to land with a great impact in the White House.
Does EVERY D-list celebrity local elected official desperate for attention in the entire country have to get on this bandwagon?
TKC's comment is right:
Do your jobs.
Fix the jail.
Fix the courts.
Finally fix COMBAT so the taxpayers actually get something "anti-crime/drug" for the $20 million they pony up every year.
What a joke!

Anonymous said...

What about the distraction that the liberal media tries to do to keep people from seeing all the rapes and murders by illegal immigrants. They failed, which is another reason why Trump won the presidency. If Sly and the local politicos can't deal with it or try to turn KC into a sanctuary city, the feds will crack some skulls. They best try to stay on the Donald's good side.

Anonymous said...

No doubt we will retain our status as the 5th worst run city in 2017.

Anonymous said...

bad faith leadership.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show how ignorant some people are.

This is not about keeping immigrants out, this is about vetting people who are coming from areas known for terrorists. There is no ban, it was for 90 days until a vetting system could be put into place. As for other immigrants they need to be legal, come into our country by the book just like others have done.

I don't know why you liberals can't understand that or get your story straight. This article is bullshit. And if you want sanctuary cities and to forget the laws of this country, then you liberals need to cough up the money to pay for them.

It's also funny how Obama let everyone cross our boarders except Christians who were stuck in muslim countries. Now why do you suppose that is? He turned a a blind eye to them, and thousands of Christians were beheaded including children.

Keep it up liberals and you will see a civil war in this country like never before.

Anonymous said...

8:48 is exactly right. The left wing fucktards have been going out of their way to twist the truth and the media is on board. The is absolutely no objectivity on this issue.

The rules are very simple: 1) Don't enter the country illegally or stay illegally.; 2) We love immigrants and diversity, but on a one time basis you must have a background check, tell the truth and cooperate in the investigation to enter; 3) You must obey the laws. No felonies, no associations with known criminals or terrorists and no other subversive activities.

These are the things the left is objecting to on a daily basis. The bullshit needs to stop. No one in their right mind is listening to this cry baby crap. I can guarantee that when the Supreme Court rules that wont be good enough for the left wing shit stirring nutballs.

Omeron said...

I smell Crystal Williams at work. This should be another reason why she is never elected to City Council.

Anonymous said...