Friday, February 03, 2017

Here's How Kansas City Copes With Prez Trump Refugee Travel Ban

An inside look at social service agencies dealing with the latest immigration crackdown. Checkit: Buried Clause In Refugee Travel Ban Causes Confusion For Kansas City Agencies


Anonymous said...

Obey Federal Law and there should be no problem.

Anonymous said...

Nothing mystical or contradictory here. The order was clear in making the "ban" temporary until equal and adequate vetting was in place related to the seven high risk locals previously identified by the Obama administration. Trump never communicated that assisting resident aliens or legals was improper. His entire aim at sanctuary cities was directed to those who would shield ILLEGALS from the grasp of the Federal authorities or resist enforcement of Federal Immigration laws.

Almost ALL of the other bullshit, issues and accusations being preached by the libtards is a product of their own cry baby machine and fucking fiction compared to the extent or intent of the Presidential directive. Level headed Americans know well that libtards are famous for producing this kind of fictitious baloney in thier own fucked up minds and then expecting the opposition to defend themselves against shit they don't even own.

Anonymous said...

5 chlildren and no job??? And they bow to the Saudis 5 times a day right?