Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Former Golden Ghetto Law Man Guilty Of Facebook Threats Amid Nasty BLM Debate

Further evidence that social media is mostly a scam to sell people junk they don't need and/or expose its denizens to public humiliation during pointlessly heated exchanges are easily avoided in the real world. On the bright side . . . Many argue that it's always important to allow people an opportunity to disgrace themselves. And both of these reasons why Instagram is more fun than yelling about politics with friends, family and casual acquaintances . . . Former Overland Park police officer pleads guilty to misdemeanors related to threatening Facebook post


Anonymous said...

The charges he pled to do not match the facts as related. There must be more to the story than we're getting.

Anonymous said...

When are people gonna get it. Facebook and Twitter are sting operations for the nimrods.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the thought police.