Monday, February 20, 2017


A longstanding complaint of urban planners who never take into account that KANSAS CITY'S HORRIFIC CRIME PROBLEM is part of what contributes to so much local sprawl.


"If you’ve ever wondered about how Kansas and Missouri fund its roads, follow The Cost of Roads, the fourth in of a five-part general overview series on our city’s aging infrastructure."

Check the entire playlist which hasn't earned much online love but still serves as a valuable resource regarding crumbling local infrastructure whilst so many locals are asked to vote for more taxes in order to service bonds for pet projects.

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The reason it’s so hard to raise fuel and property taxes is because sales taxes are 9%+ ! Add a 1% earnings tax and whatever the magic formula is for personal property tax on vehicles.
Excessive CIDs and TIF abatements. State and local taxes (or exemptions of) have skewed the normal process. A common trend I’ve also noticed in the 10 years I’ve lived here is that a road that has been finally repaved is torn up again less than a year later by the water department. They do a shotty repair and then it’s pot holes and bent rims all over again. This idea that Prius, etc drivers are draining the fuel consumption tax cash cow in KS and MO is also BS.