Thursday, February 09, 2017


Working on a few more important topics for the morning update but right now let's take a look at Kansas City outrage and frustrations for the late night . . .

Happy Rock Is Home To Haterz
Gladstone woman from Mexico says she was spat on, yelled at
More On This Later . . . But For Now: Legal Battle Threatened Amid Hickman Mills Higher Education Hot Mess Aftermath
Hickman Mills superintendent leaving to lead Lee's Summit schools
Snail Mail Seyz Sorry For Local Veteran And Service Doggie Sent Packing
Kansas City post office apologizes after veterans with service dogs were asked to leave
Don't worry, there will be more reason to be offended in the morning and we continue to follow Kansas City drama amid the Winter of our discontent.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

conservative snowflakes complaining about other liberal snowflakes are the most easily offended. Just look how the President flies of the handle when anyone challenges him. The rage porn industry is doing just fine, maybe the only real Internet growth industry other than facebook selling all of your information.

Anonymous said...

She's looking up and left. Liar. Learned that on cop shows!

Andy Sipowicz KC said...

So is he!

And so is Trump.

Anonymous said...


I just made that up, might put that on a sign and take it to the next protest.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More fake news.
Made up news.... Lies.
NO Midwesterner would waste spit on her.

Mr. Big Pants said...

^^^ Well, at least not in anger. She's kinda hot.

Just sayin'

I believe her story because I've been to Gladstone and it's horrible. Makes Lenexa look like Beverly Hills.

Anonymous said...

It's outrageous that people are outraged at those that are outraged! Protesters who protest the protesters that are outraged is outrageous!
It's high time the outrageous protesters who protest the outrage start protesting the outrageous outragers!
Until this happens- it will outrage the protesters into protesting the outrages!
Vote YES next November and make your vote count!
( this message brought to you by a non-protester who is outraged!)

Byron Funkhouser said...

"I think all ordinary, right thinking people in this country are sick & tired of being told that ordinary, right thinking people are sick & tired. I'm certainly not, & I'm sick & tired of being told that I am."

Monty Python

(from an imperfect memory)

Anonymous said...

The old school Mexicans know that if you cross the border you work your ass off, stay out of sight and save your money. Once the migra got a hold of you knew you would be ok because you have something to fall back to maybe not even comeback if you invested right. These nouveau Mexicans and others have gotten too comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Those niggers working at the Union Station post office better mind their place.

Anonymous said...

we don't know anybody, repeat we know nobody of any political persuasion, that would personally act like the allegation cited.

therefore, we're skeptical.

Anonymous said...

KSHB your news is so full of holes it's sickening. Mexican girl was spit on????

Bullshit!!!! So she stopped to talk to this stranger after he said something racist against her??? NOT! I thought she was running... and how did he spit from the window of his car to where she was??? Did she call the police??? How about the car, what did it look like???

This article is a lie, this never happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm with this guy^^^. Mexicans are hip to the VISA U program. You say you are a victim of a crime you may be entitled the residence status. And the attorneys love it cause even if they don't have a chance they'll push for it to get your cash.

Anonymous said...

I spit on Mexicans all the time. IT'S THE CLOSEST THEY GET TO BATHING!

I don't waste my spit on negroes however.

Anonymous said...

Postal employee an Obama voter and postal employee only doing what Obama wanted. He hates the military.

Anonymous said...

RE: Gladstone woman from Mexico says she was spat on, yelled at

I'm betting $20 that this is a fabricated lie.

Reporter says she works multiple jobs? But, she was out for a morning run? And "an old guy" pulled up close enough to her to "spit in my face" she says? WTF? If a stranger pulls their vehicle over near you, who walks over and sticks their head in the window?

I call Bullshit!

1) she hopes to get sympathy for being a VICTIM
2) it's an excuse not to exercise anymore
3) she gets media attention
4) some liberal douchebags will give her money or start a GoFundMe account for her
5) she'll report a hate crime, and get invited on the Ellen show.

Anonymous said...

The Mexican is a liar, the postal employees were in fact black, and the guy from Hickman Mills will destroy Lee's Summit Schools. What is there to be angry about?