Friday, February 03, 2017

Elsa And Kansas City Early Friday

Elsa Hosk hotness and her EPIC body of lingerie work begins our morning workout of Kansas City mainstream media links and a peek at the more important news items that start our news day. Take a look:

The Local McTavish Plan
7 Ways To Jam In Kansas City This Weekend
Kansas City First Responder Life Lessons
KCFD uses lessons from Mesh/Leggio tragedy to fight 18th & Vine fire
Faith Community Recovers After Tragedy
Worship leader remembered at church where couple received counseling before husband allegedly stabbed wife
Kansas City Gunfire Connection
Man indicted in shooting death of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight
Local Culture Teaching Moment
Play about the Kansas City's role in the Underground Railroad takes the stage
JoCo Fight For Justice
Family of Olathe woman with special needs says daughter wrongly branded on state registry
Drug War Survivor Story
Amethyst Place: Helping women fight drug addiction in KC
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Elsa workout makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Weekend planning in KCMO, get a U-haul and take cover in South JoCo. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Another Midtown Mom said...

Really sad story about that woman killed in Independence. She was very beautiful and the reports are heartbreaking about the children she left behind. Such a shame. I guess it's also a story about how marriage counseling doesn't always work.

Anonymous said...

Comments have been disabled for the Craig Glazer advertisement.

Tony said...

Actually, it's a promo not an advertisement but it deserves at least an acknowledgement in the OPEN THREAD.

Over the past few weeks TKC has increased the frequency of posts on which we haven't been taking comments. Only for stuff that's promotional in nature like a couple of posts for Susanna Lee's new venue, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas City website and now Craig's weekend post.

For me, this is part of keeping OUR TKC FREE SPEECH ZONE alive and working toward helping places that need a shout out. In the past, the comments these posts elicited were often just trolling and defeated the whole purpose of posting the stuff in the first place.

Is it a policy shift? Nope, because throughout the history of the blog there have always been a few items that haven't needed any comment . . . And let's be honest. TKC is a blog, not the New York Times or even Vice Magazine . . . Both of which have stricter or NO comments allowed.

Overall and more so than any other media outlet in KCMO, TKC has been consistent about championing free speech . . . In addition to fighting SPAM that threatens the same. Overall, this blog community is STILL working toward new tech that will help facilitate the conversation even further.

This is a minor issue but if anybody REALLY feels like a need to make a post about, I might just repost the comment. And if it really bothers you . . . Feel free to read another blog. You'll be missed!!!

But for now, as always, TKC CHAMPIONS FREE SPEECH but not free for all anarchy. Learning the difference as I go along has made this blog better in addition to the support of our KICK-ASS community of the most active and critical denizens in this town.

Anonymous said...

More Elsa, less talking.

Anonymous said...


The KC Cocksman! said...

No lying about big ass Elsa.

She fine.

Anonymous said...

Watching Glazer get trolled was all I had to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Finally a bit of truth @ 5:49!

Also, nobody gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! It's a fucking advertisement and comments are disabled because Glazer gets a shellacking in spite of Toneeeeeees fake supporting posts/comments. Only a blind moron would believe this is a free speech zone given how the late night purging program seems to work on this blog.

The KC Purge said...

If you don't like it, leave and go read another blog. I don't think anybody really gives a shit what you think. Which is why you're bitching so much in the first place.

As for Glazer paying for an advertisement?

Anonymous said...

Don't give 2 shits!