Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Downtown Kansas City H&R Block Artspace Refugee Display Snubs Prez Trump???

In fairness, the current Prez said he dreams of putting this Kansas City company out of business. Here's what might be a rather classy response: Refugees Are Welcome In H&R Block Artspace's 'The State Of The World'


Anonymous said...

H&R block is the recipient of more tax breaks and seeks out more loopholes than even DST or Burns & Mac if you can believe that, it's like one thief calling another a "thief" how funny.
H&R Block during tax season goes to the FEC and under Shelly Estelle and Clyde McQueen they use the WIA training program to get free labor and once tax season is over ... So are the jobs so fuck what H&R Block or any of these big businesses say or think

Anonymous said...

H&R Bloch is a fucking racket that plays on the poor and unskilled. They even have a racket where they charge people to attend their own training so they can work for H&R for peanuts. Total ass hole organization. While they are cheating, lying to and screwing over their temporary employees they are telling them they need to be "flexsible". What a pack of ass hats.