Friday, February 17, 2017

Coming Up: Fear The Kansas City University 'Urban Fortress' Fight For The Future

Community news explanation of a fight we previewed this week wherein City Council attempts to stand against Northeast neighbors and historic preservation activists . . . KCU MPD makes it through committee, set for Council next week


Hyperblogal said...

One rogue neighborhood association thinks it operates in a vacuum and needs no input or help from the five other groups in Northeast. This leads to the decimation of a section within an Historical District and this hood group thinks that's just fine. Living over here I've current the constant refrain, "the only way to protect neighborhoods is through an historic district." Unfortunately, due to the cloistered activities of a few, that will be no longer the case. Tearing down these apartment buildings for a parking lot is insulting to those who treasure and fight for historic preservation everyday. In Northeast, our history is all we've got going for us.

Anonymous said...

Honest question. Can someone tell me what this school is? I mean is it one of those for profit schools? Is it private? What do they do there? I've seen the place but don't know a single person that has gone there. I literally know nothing about it. Is this the place that a few years ago some woman got caught embezzling money from?

Hyperblogal said...

It's an Osteopathic Medical School. Karen Pletz is the woman you're thinking of... no embezzling, just questionable practices.