Friday, February 17, 2017

Classy South Kansas City Teaching Moment

Roundup of more School Board fighting among the disgruntled denizens of the Hickman Mills District. Take a look: True Colors


Anonymous said...

Carpenter only wants his ideas heard - I happen to agree, charter schools aren't going to fix Hickman Mills, even though he thinks KCPSD magnet type schools will - but he has consistently silenced anyone in the District or community who doesn't toe the line with him - even to the point of firing. And now I hear the Board wants to replace him with one of his lackeys from inside the current administration. We don't need more of Carpenter's ideas and failed initiatives. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Einstein The Board must do an in depth search for a truly committed person with a proven track record for improving failing districts - and not just a smooth (fast) talker working on a resume'. We also need someone who won't constantly make excuses for why our students can't perform. Sure there are challenges, but when you go in with a defeatist attitude and tell the students everything is stacked against you so plan on failing, you confirm for them that you think they are already failures. In addition to having such low expectation for the students - how can you tell the teachers, the ones on the front lines, that only 20% are worth anything. This administration has failed those dedicated persons as well. And we won't even talk about all the money he has wasted and the debt he has created for the district. Or, taking credit for Early Childhood in HM that has been the flagship for Missouri for nearly 40 years. I just hope the Board will start showing leadership, search for a highly qualified, proven superintendent (not a totally inexperienced one) and LEAD for a change. Stop cowering to Carpenter - he has moved on.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Someone who truly understands what's going on in HM. I wish more of the press would get it, too. It seems any time I read anything about Carpenter it's about all the good he has done in HM. Sometime maybe that could point out exactly what that is. It's certainly not the early childhood center he spent millions on at Ervin that's used more as a daycare by the parents.

Thanks 8:31 for helping to shed some light on what's really going on.

Anonymous said...

To piggy back on the other two comments;
What about Carpenter's "alternative" accreditation. His disdain for Missouri law and practices has him buying accreditation from an outside source vs. meeting the State standards. I guess if you can't win with the rules already in place, rewrite the rules.
HM definitely needs an experienced superintendent who will create an environment of team work and cooperation between staff, teachers, and community, not a bully who only wants it his way.
The Board needs to realize they represent and work for the community, they are not employees of the superintendent. They hire the superintendent therefore he or she is their employee and thereby the community's employee. In all my years in the HM area I don't think I've ever seen a Board that answers so meekly to the superintendent. I've even heard him refer to it as HIS Board or HIS Board President. They, the Board as a whole, are his employer! This Board has a huge responsibility to the students, community and staff - they must find a highly qualified replacement, even if it costs. Money spent on a quality superintendent would be better spent than all the wasteful bond spending under Carpenter.

Anonymous said...

I think Carpenter is spending money on a lot of unnecessary programs. It's too bad the community doesn't know about any of it. He also, somehow, has the Board believing they answer to him rather than the other way around. Also, he's always citing 'research' so they just buy into whatever he's saying.

It's too bad investigative journalism has gone by the wayside.