Thursday, February 23, 2017

City Council Decides To Turn Part Of Historic Northeast Kansas City Into Parking Lot

An unpopular decision that should resonate with voters who await the next election. Take a look: KCMO Council approves KCU Master Planned Development district


Anonymous said...

They should also level 18th Vine. How many more buildings have to collapse? There's very little that remains there that would qualify as historic.

Anonymous said...

"Once, there were parking lots -
Now it's a peaceful oasis"

Hopefully they'll keep their word, to re-purpose salvageable demo materials.

Hyperblogal said...

Their word is worth zilch over here in Northeast. Once a good neighborhood partner, KCU has become arrogant. The process followed for this destruction of an historic district proves it. And Pendleton Heights owns equal blame and exhibits the same kind of yuppie arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Check MEC reports and see how much KCU gave each councilmember.