Saturday, February 25, 2017

Celebrate Another Kansas City Starbucks Along Downtown Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Line???

Just a bit of blogger speculation for more Downtown development that's still mostly powered by taxpayer subsidies while the rest of the city remains neglected. Take a look: Hampton Inn™ Maybe on the Streetcar Line


Jeffrey McDonald said...

I wonder if Starbucks would want to have a "Conversation about race" with my family and the family of Henry Stone.

Anonymous said...

I would build it in Johnson County- they have a 4 year plan for their New International Airport. Federal money funneled as Trump will help put Sly's vision of sugar plums to bed.

I can't wait to see more worthless bonds issued to satisfy pension debt and guised as city improvements.

The Gentrified City of KCMO is the big secret.

Go Johnson County and keep stealing Missouri businesses!!!

Avoid high water bills and 1% earnings tax- move outside of KC today!

Anonymous said...

Who is Henry stone?

Anonymous said...

Henry Stone was a record producer though why he'd want to have a conversation about race is beyond me.

Well he might...he's dead.

Retro ROCKER said...

Hey there are people spending money from the river market today down town cross roads crown center the east crossroads looks like the French Quarter every bar and restaurant full even the coffee shop near 18TH AND OAK I HAVE CLIENTS IN THAT ARE AND BUSINESS IS BOOMING