Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Another Kansas City Southern Downgrade Amid Fear Of Prez Trump NAFTA Crackdown

One of the most important companies in Kansas City continues to suffer economic harsh times amid the new Administration as YET ANOTHER analyst moves from a buy to a hold recommendation and, more importantly, questions the companies biz model in the current political climate. Take a look: Kansas City Southern: Is Mexico The New Coal?


Anonymous said...

So how you doing these days Tony?

Harsh austerity or raking it in?

Anonymous said...

KSU trend update:

Tuesday morning price is $86.00, just after the open.

On the daily chart, KSU is currently neutral to slightly positive since putting in a low of $83.65 on FEB 8.

Weekly and monthly chart trends are negative. You should expect the possibility for a retest of the JAN 2016 low of $62.20 on the long-term monthly chart unless/until the trend turns positive.

Anonymous said...

Rail companies more profitable these days -- since they were able to cut back on featherbedding Democrat greedy union slobs scamming 6 figure salaries to ride in a caboose.

Anonymous said...

Sell the train and buy a boat. I hear Cuba is a great place to haul freight.