Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Newsflash Reality Check: Kansas City Doesn't Care About Tyreek Hill's Domestic Abuse Past As Long As The Team Keeps Winning

Since he was selected by the Cheifs, Tyreek Hill's exceptional play has endured an uncomfortable side-note . . . He had a domestic violence run-in before coming to the team . . . Sports newsies have been wringing their hands about this since last year but fans don't seem to care given his exceptional level of play. Furthermore, even if the team wasn't doing so great, it's doubtful any season ticket holder would be up in arms about this given that the only player who ever earned much rebuke . . . Even after the guy who killed his GF. . . Is the Larry Johnson - Not because he always was in trouble for smacking down some broad but because his hip-hop image conflicted with fanboy cultural backgrounds. Meanwhile, Tyreek Hill seems exceptionally smart in keeping a low profile amid his success.

Here's a sports newsie perspective who think that football fans care about domestic drama to compliment so much similar tripe that doesn't seem to understand local football fans one bit: The uncomfortable reality of Tyreek Hill's success


Anonymous said...

CUCK BOYS will be wearing their Tyreek jerseys to the office on jeans and Chiefs gear Friday.

They'll be strutting around the conference room like little Banty Roosters.

Anonymous said...

angelic, wonderful liberal Democrat Hollywood "ARTISTS!" awarded an Oscar and gave a standing ovation to jew Roman Polanski 2 years after he was convicted of drugging and raping a 13 year old girl.

the presenter said "Mr Polanski can't be he tonite to accept --because he's fighting extradition"

Byron Funkhouser said...

Football players are thugs?

Well, when did this happen.

Anonymous said...

when kc drafted hill the people were up in arms about the chiefs drafting hill how soon the fickle fans of kc forget now hill walks on water guess the chiefs like women beaters