Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kansas City Airport Keeps Adding Flights Despite City Hall Claims To The Contrary

Mayor Sly seyz that a new airport would help Kansas City add flights . . . Meanwhile MCI is already taking on more airline traffic without the multi-billion dollar expense and still has more more terminal to spare. Here's the latest: Allegiant Airline adds new flight at KCI


Anonymous said...

Gotta remember those Degenerate cockroach libtards down at city hall are worse than that communist CNN, they'll say anything to push their lying phony fake pathetic agenda,,,, typical of communist cockroach libtards = FACT !!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

You're pathetic.

CNN is not a Communist organization, & only retards use the word "libtard".

Anonymous said...

How many truly big-time exciting cities announce the addition of ONE flight from their airports?
ONE flight!

Anonymous said...

Like retards use rethuglican. Byrons favorite.

Anonymous said...

save kci from elite profiteering!

Anonymous said...

Only customer demand will add flights. A new airport alone will not.

Anonymous said...

Tiny Funkhouser is sooooooo full of shit...and probably a communist libtard too.

Anonymous said...

Only someone from the LGBT Community would us the word "Funkhouser"

Anonymous said...


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