Thursday, December 01, 2016

Show-Me Missouri Fear For Muslim Refugees

An important spin picks up steam as Missouri rallies around recent immigrants amid fear of Trump . . . On the bright side, I'm pretty sure they're getting rid of all the Mexicans first - Which has usually been the standard operating procedure in the ongoing war of terror . . . 'I'll hide you in my basement': Missouri neighborhood vows to protect refugee family from Trump


chuck said...

Survey after survey, poll after poll shows the exact same thing. 50% of Muslims in the US favor Sharia Law and justify the terror that takes place in the name of Islam.

This isn't just a few "Skittles" that you have to worry about in the bag, it is HALF OF THE FUCKIN BAG.

The incessant, consistent and metronomic efforts of the 4th Estate, to hammer again and again the accusations of racism against those who reject the immigration of Muslims, who again, hold views antithetical to the Judeo/Christian ethos, directly after, still ANOTHER attack by some fuckin brain dead 3rd world puke from Somalia, who was NEVER in anyone's wildest fucking dreams, EVER going to be ANYTHING other than ANOTHER, cradle to grave parasite on the American taxpayer, is now complete.

The insanity of pretending that we should concentrate on the "good" Muslims while the world is in absolute upheaval over the dysfunction and violence that accompanies said puke fucks, is working.

We are all, now, so inured to the constant attacks, both literal and metaphorical on our Occidental culture, that the rust that was eating away at the stanchions of Liberty is now a fucking fire out of control in our living rooms, blazing right through our TV Screens from the lickspittle press. Asleep in the smoke, the fire grows closer and at some point, after a mushroom cloud, the loss of our power grid, or poison in our water supply the same fucking cocksuckers on CNN and the rest of the MSM will all pretend that they warned us against such a cavalier attitude towards immigration.


Lou Dobbs mentioned Kansas City yesterday regarding the Muslim immigration issue..... see his Twitter post here.

Anonymous said...

If you hide fugitives and obstruct justice then you go to jail and face prison time. If you feel it's worth it then go for it.

Anonymous said...

Why are these people not going to other Muslim countries?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:19: Because America is far and away the best country in the world to live in, irrespective of one's religion. Would you want to go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.? Of course not. So why would these folks? Simply because they're Muslim? By that logic, any American Catholic should be desperately trying to move to Italy.

Anonymous said...

Trump never said he was going after exporting Mexicans. This is the kind of dumb crap gossipy mindless libtards perpetuate in order to rationalize thier twisted perspective. Trump made it clear that he wanted to halt the import of illegals, properly screen those legally admitted to the U.S.A. and export criminals. I challenge anyone anywhere to produce a single quote by Trump where he claimed he was going to export Mexicans. that is just a bold faced lie.

Now if anyone objects to sending criminals back where they come from, making sure refugees are not terrorists and stopping illegal entry into this country at least have the balls to say that instead of this continuous bullshit that is made up to support your weak ass position.

The idea that a U.S. citizen should be subject to more scrutiny than an incoming alien is amazing to me given that the entire purpose of this twisted mindset is to promote a crippled political party and pander.

Anonymous said...

@9:45. You are correct, the USA is great as is. These folks want to escape their crappy country and come here to change our country to match the crappy country that they were fleeing.