Thursday, December 01, 2016

More Cash For Kansas City 18th & Vine

A generation of subsidy and $100 Million worth of investment with no sign of sustainability continues . . . Kansas City Council Committee Approves Slight Increase For 18th And Vine


Anonymous said...

How about a through AUDIT of just where exactly that moneys really going !!!!!

That whole place is a joke and has been for decades !!

Taxpayers of Kansas city being duped again !!!

Anonymous said...

When are yo Democrats going to get a clue what your damn pandering costs the tax payers? Jesus! Are we gonna have to do a Trump on you over the mayor's job?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the actual cost of Negroes is to Kansas City? Think about the "Negro tribute subsidies" like this, then there's welfare, the excessive cost of policing, health care costs of victims of Negro's kind of mind boggling.