Thursday, December 01, 2016

Kansas City Thursday Link Spotlight

We take a quick look back to remember Alyssa Barbara and her glam hotness as we check all of these important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Kansas City Doesn't Compute
Kansas City tops list of computer malware infections
Kansas City Student Shooting
Father of 8th grade Antioch Middle School student thinks neighbor's gunshot to son's face was no accident
Lesson In JoCo Fear Today After Gun Found In Student Backpack
Lockdown at Olathe Northwest High School lifted
More Dirty Deeds Alleged By UG
Former Wyandotte County employee accused of taking bribes
Online Info Across The State Line
KCK opens up data portal for transparency, 'public good'
Passed Gas Scares Police
Gas leak forces evacuation of KCKPD Headquarters
Golden Ghetto Serving Up Rage
Overland Park man under house arrest after allegedly threatening restaurant and patrons
Tiger Trouble Ends College Career
Mizzou WR Dilosa dismissed from team
Fear Golden Ghetto Tech Trouble
Man beaten while trying to sell iPhone 7 in Overland Park parking lot
Coffee Plane Supremacy Continues
Kansas City's Roasterie announces expansion, new amenities
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Anonymous said...

Bunch of old school blueblood Americans on that list.

Anonymous said...


Alyssa Barbara for Nike
....because sometimes all you want is to "Just Do It!!!"

Anonymous said...

A WyCo public employee taking bribes? Shocking. This clown was in our neighborhood for a job that should have been done 30 years ago. Serious health problems created by these assholes for decades.

The job was scheduled for completion in 45 days and took 5 months. He will get his hands slapped and then leave town. He knows too much about the rest of the pigs that steal us blind.