Friday, December 02, 2016

Kansas City December First Friday Look

Joey Fisher starts this early Friday morning with her hard working hotness that inspires all the way across the pond. And right now we'll go to the files and consider these local MSM links to start the day. Take a peek:

More Local Gov Spying
Kansas City Council Follows Jackson County In Approving City-Wide Prescription Drug Plan
Great Pic Of 1st Responders
Significant damage to appliance store after fire on Raytown Road
More Access Inside The Downtown Loop " City to celebrate new Grand Boulevard Bridge
Golden Ghetto Season Of Stealing
Thieves target valuables left in cars in Johnson County
Local Leftovers Anew
Team raises funds to replace thousands of pounds of bleached barbecue
Big Bucks For Cowtown Charity
United Way's You, Me, One KC Spirit of Caring campaign nets $33 million
And A Drunken Hipster New Year
Boulevard's 2017 release calendar details 13 new beers, including new sours, stouts and even a cider
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Forget Boulevard, go to Louisburg Cider Mill for cider.

Anonymous said...

Another day another load of the same ol bullshit.


Nice Guy KC said...

^^^ I see you're up early to sniff it. Here's a hint, the day isn't going to get any better than this with that kind of attitude.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Council Follows Jackson County In Approving City-Wide Prescription Drug Plan"

Typical Kansas City bureaucrat machine in action. Scrutinize a diabetic who might cheat a little on his insulin while crack heads are shooting up the town unscathed by our ineffective budget strained resources.

Anonymous said...


Joey, the attention-starved genealogy librarian, had an eye for my family jewels!!!

Anonymous said...

Back when there weren't as many wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

Do all your Christmas shopping on and you won't have to worry about car break-ins. Just sayin