Thursday, December 01, 2016


Kansas City's top ranking elected official scorns the Democratic Party leadership for their inability to change with the times.

Thanks to our blog community for suggesting these links for further reading on the subject:

Mediaite: Dem. Rep - If We Don't Bring In Young Leaders, May Lead to 'Demise of the Democratic Caucus'

Daily Caller: Pelosi Staying In Leadership Shows ‘We Have No Strategy And We Have No Plan’

WFB: Rep. Cleaver said that House Democrats do need to bring younger people into leadership, adding that otherwise the caucus would face its demise.

Here's the Congressman in his own words:

In the final analysis, the infighting and discussion of the future is essential for the Democratic Party which seems to be struggling in coming to terms with the upcoming Trump Administration. Like it or not, Kansas City Congressman Cleaver is among the FIRST to go on record with a demand for change.

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Anonymous said...

In other words: Not a Democrat in Congress could give a shit about what Cleaver thinks.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to drain this blogs swamp and get some new material here.


Anonymous said...

If Cleaver is against Pelosi. He's not wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is the broke clock that is going to be right twice a day.

It's still a fucked up clock.

Anonymous said...

Well if Nancy P is old school what the hell does Cleaver think he is? The guy has been milking the political gravy train for so long he has developed a liberal dose of lactose intolerance.

Anonymous said...

this Demosleazeball special interest group scammer has a KC freeway named after him, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Despite saying the Democrats need new leadership, Cleaver still voted for Pelosi ! Sort of like admitting the ship is sinking, but we're not yet ready to do anything.

Anonymous said...

look, acknowlegement is the first stage to recovery.

if his honesty is a bit befuddled, at least he was honest.

but, the lovers of power are not going to give it up and they're very entrenched.

so change isn't in sight right now.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

He voted FOR Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

First the libtards will have to admit they are losing relevancy fast. Let's face it. Obama was a fluke that came out of the woodwork, had the gift of gab, had some brains and, given the options like Albatross Sharpton and Mad Daddy Jackson, was a shoe in for progressives and moderates looking for the chance to make history.

Now take Obama out of the equation and show me a single viable candidate, not in Depends, that the Dems had nurtured and groomed as a candidate? If you look at the democratic field there is a pack of angry, bitter old bitches with terminal penis envy. That is pretty much it. Yhey have groomed no one who can fill the bill smd site with a bunch of 1960's style idealists still preaching the same old worn out sermon. The Dems need to take a cue from the GOP, admit they have lost touch, knock off the alt-left radical horseshit and start relating to grass roots America. As much as they hate Trump the guy is going to be in the saddle for eight years and there is a slew of groomed and ethnically diverse potential GOP candidates in the wings.

The old farts club needs to be pushed out and the Dems need a new party line that America can swallow. They have to stop with all the cry baby crap that makes theme look incapable of a lucid, mature state that would allow them to govern much of anything .

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton himself is the only one smart enough to help them get organized as a constructive force with a future.

A great politician and this election was enough of a contrast to make his talent clear to anyone who thinks about it. Hillary was no Bill.

He could wait until after the current, discredited pretenders move on and convene some younger potential stars and mentor them.

That could happen only if Hillary retires to a university presidency and foreswears 2020.

Anonymous said...

Sly wants his job.

Anonymous said...

Sly is almost as old as Cleaver and Sly ain't got what it takes anyway.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Absolutely correct. But
I hope they stay the way they are for two reasons
1. To remind everyone what insanity looks like
2. To give the GOP a reminder that those nut alls could still beat them so they better not take this election for granted and ignore they're voters as they have in the past

Crazy Clown said...

As usual, Clever is Wrong,, YES Nancy Pelosi needs to go,,,, ship her ass !

BUT bring in YOUNG Clueless Naïve RACIST Black Communists & Socialists into the Democratic liberal party is exactly what killed that party from the git go !!!

That's why they are Failing Big Time, because of them Catering & Pandering to those Degenerate Communists & Socialist Cockroaches & Termites, that call themselves, "Progressives", which is Code Word for Communists / Socialists ~ !!!

Clever's Ass needs to go too, he's also a Big Part of the problem, and has been for decades, another Government Welfare Lecch, living off tax payer dollars !!!!

Anonymous said...

Congressman Carwash needs to pay his taxes.