Friday, December 02, 2016

Kansas City Blogging World War Trump?!?!

Here's a thoughtful and complex post from Kansas City's top faith writer who doesn't just wish for world peace as an empty holiday season pleasantry but seems to be committed to religious understanding the whole year round. Trump moving us toward a 'Clash of Civilizations'?: 12-2-16


Dr Islam, MD said...

Islamofacism has existed for centuries, even before there was a United States of America. Sharia law is not compatible w/ the Constitution and will never be. Sharia law is not compatible w/ any form of democracy.

Allah be praised.

Anonymous said...

Bill needs to stick to something he knows something about. Anyone have a clue what that might be?

chuck said...

"Donald Trump's alarmist anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant rhetoric in the recent presidential campaign was sickening..."

The truth is sickening? Then Billy Tammy needs to puke on his shoes, just like the Democrat party.

At what point in time, does the truth actually count? All over the world, Islamic terror is causing upheaval and displacement. Off with your heads and your clits but if you Democrat when you come, who gives a shit.

Public safety should be the number one concern of local, state and federal governments. The insane, insane, Ministry of Truth lies that the left promotes about "good Muslims" pales in comparison to the actual truth and violence inflicted on citizens all over the world by this toxic, pernicious and violent cult. None of that matters in the ivory towers of the 4th estate, the cocktail parties in Hollywood and the rhetoric of the treasonous and despicable politicians who are more than willing to risk the water supply, the grid, bombs, lone wolf attacks and mushroom clouds in order to garner the TERRORIST ISLAMIC VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

the Orwellian pretense that there is no danger to the populace by way of Islamic immigration is refuted in blood every day, but, again, who gives a fuck, they vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Bill has a very fertile imagination. All I want is to enforce the immigration laws that on the books. What a whack job.

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds check Emails and learn how they think while they charge their phones - it is easy to see why they lost to Trump.
The FAA is currently using a mind-reading machine at some airports disguised as body scanners to see what people are thinking in order to catch terrorists.
It appears most Protesters who wear safety pins- when walking through the head- reading machines- have Heidi Klumm bent over a truck bed. No clue what Bill is thinking- maybe he isn't... that happens when you reach a certain place in your life.

Anonymous said...

To 11:57- so that's how they hacked Hillary- Niw we know- they hacked the electrical grid.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill. You can't stay relevant when you never were.