Tuesday, November 22, 2016


A few years ago, the TKC blog community pretty much solved the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Dallas, TX . . . After the jump we remind locals who pulled the trigger and collect the top news links around the world for our most dedicated media watching community . . .

Expert word from our blog community blames former Cuban revolutionaries, skilled marksmen and hardened assassins  Coco and Inti . . . Just as he claimed, Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy with a cheap gun that couldn't have done the job.

The rough neck military crew from Cuba were the real trigger men . . .

Not that it makes much difference but it's still nice to understand that the official story from the government is usually fake.

And now, check this news we've collected to start the day . . .

Mainstream Media War Now Underway
Trump Summons TV Figures for Private Meeting, and Lets Them Have It
Warning Signs From Trump Supporters
'Heil Trump' and 3 Other Anti-Semitic Outrages at White Supremacist Victory Party
Aftermath Of Actor Lecture
Mike Pence, Hero of American Theater
International Crisis Report
Scenes of Flight From Mosul's Front Lines
Faraway First Lady
What will the White House be like with first lady Melania Trump living in New York?
Court Discourages Political Activism Among New Immigrants
Federal judge at citizenship ceremony: If you don't like Trump, then leave
Tragic Kansas Baby Mama Drama
Texas Woman Yesenia Sesmas Allegedly Faked Pregnancy, Killed Kansas Mom And Stole Her Infant [Video]
Mobile Phone Captures Airborne Destruction
Teenager films 'meteorite' burning across sky following Japanese earthquake
Tragedy Blame Game In Court
Sandy Hook families appeal in case against gun makers
Culture War Continues On Global Scale
Team Trump's Message: The Clash of Civilizations Is Back
More Important Campaign Season Attacks
Hate crimes against Muslims spiked 67 percent last year

Healthy Teaching Moment
Dementia Risk Declines, And Education May Be One Reason Why
Distracted Walking Warning
Why hundreds are killed in crashes in parking lots and garages every year
Info For Turkey Day Flights
Ahoy Travelers: These Are Your Rights When Airlines Screw Up Your Trip
The Only Guy Who Could Have Beat Trump
Post-election Joe Biden jokes have everybody talking
Social Media Falls Back To Earth
One of Facebook's enormous internet-spreading drones crashed
Automaker Recharge After Disgrace
Volkswagen aims to go electric, raise lagging profits
Worker Advice For The Digital Era
Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.
Hip-Hop Hard Times Reporting
Fears Kanye West is having a breakdown after tour cancellation
Vacay Pix Actually Worth A Peek
Kelly Brook rocks tiny bikini during 37th birthday break in Indonesia
Olive Branch For Future First Lady
Gigi Hadid's Melania Trump impersonation bashed by social media critics
Kansas City Footballer Juxtaposition
Marcus Peters strengthened his case for Chiefs MVP without playing
And so . . .

We remember this dark day in American history and possibly the last Prez who had a plurality of support but ultimately fell at the hands of haters.