Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Alt-Right has taken center-stage in the American political discourse given recent dramatic footage and reporting of a modern day Nazi rally with cries of "Hail Trump" followed by Nazi salutes.

Locally, here's is the most straight forward and bold reaction to the crisis penned by one of the very best Kansas City bloggers:

This "Alt-Right" revival, or as it more accurately should be called "neo-Nazi" revival, seems to be in full swing. The meeting in D.C. with this guy named Richard Spencer exemplifies the worst in America. After his Anti-Semitic rant, he quoted Nazi propaganda in its original German and then he gets a front page story, complete with a photo shoot in the LA Times. I am sure Steve Bannon is proud big left unchecked, racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism and their advocacy as set to run amok in America. I guess 8 years of a Black president was too much for a bunch of scared, insecure racists and they want to fight back.

Read the post in its entirety.

You decide . . .


Deplorable Joe said...

Read her post and checked out her blog. She is correct in that there has been white privilege in this country. However, there is also a double standard for celebrities and people who support the left in how they are treated with more consideration by the mainstream media compared to those who support conservative views.

Lynne's blog as a whole is typical of how the left enjoys acting as if they are the moral superiority of the "civilized world" and is another reason why so many on the right have built up a real hatred and resentment of the political correctness that has sprung up in the early 90s and reached a boiling point that resulted in the election of Donald Trump.

Lynne needs to get over herself as does the rest of the left.

Anonymous said...

We're in the era of Trump. Alt-Right is the new normal.

Btw, Hillary Clinton won the election by 1.7 million votes.

Anonymous said...

the press is building up an outlier fringe. but it is an excited cohort, like every other segment right now.

the best way to blunt any growth in the kooks is a return of common sense government so that the fringe fades away.

also, life needs to be less politicized.

hopefully, a year from now we'll have moved on from today's tumult and the wacky government that engendered the fringe groups.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed folks rushing into Christmas and already lighting their outside lights?

Seems like folks want to move beyond this contentious period and move on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, we have this thing called the Electoral College. Read up on it, it's kind of important.

Hillary lost. She admitted it. After her tantrum. I see yours is still in full swing. :)

Anonymous said...

Some crying biscuit-eaters are gonna need a lot more safety pins to hold up all those caked diapers.

Anonymous said...

Alt-Right is a hate movement plain and simple.

Bob said...

This is just the usual portion of left wing bullshit. No talking point left unuttered. If the blogger were serious about totalitarian endorsements, she would have gone apoplectic when the American Communist Party endoresed Hillary for President. We heard crickets about that. Not too surprising, given her politics.

Anonymous said...

Although these guys aren't quite as violent and radical they do seem to answer the rhetoric of the Black Lives Mater movement. Maybe we can ship all the nutballs out and live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that you are a Nazi, Bob.

I think Lynn is on the money with her post. Standing up for such disgusting comments like the kind Spencer spouts is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

If anyone asks, "Why was there segregation?" this case and thousands more like it are the answer. Segregation was a defensive strategy by whites, protection against the pathological behavior of blacks. This was so in the schools, on public transport and in the streets.

We have had an end to segregation, and we see all the black behaviors which the segregationists warned about explode across America. The violence, The trashed schools, The burned out cities.

Can anyone name any city which has ever been improved by the ending of segregation? Any school which graduates better students since the end of segregation?


Think about the wisdom of Americans a century ago.

They understood that race was real.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money Bob. Put the shoe on the other foot and they scream bloody murder.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on those Trump supporter beats up Muslims stories Lynne. Where are they?

Anonymous said...

Breaking Snowflake News Alert

8 Mistakes you're making while showering. Turn on your app and follow the instructions you see on the screen. Don't ask questions, and most importantly don't think.

When completed turn to your nearest Liberal or Progressive authority for further instructions.

Anonymous said...

Nobody had ever heard of this Spencer character until the Democrat Media Complex decided to try to link him to Trump and Bannon. Trump has disavowed them repeatedly. The Democrat Media complex is writing 100 stories for every person who says they support the Alt Right. It's another in a long list of Media/Democrat generated hysterias. A few weeks ago they tried to gin up fear by pretending Ku Klux Klansman David Duke might get elected to the U.S. Senate. He finished in 7th place. In Louisiana. Where racism still exists. But Democrat Bobby Rush, who was an actual black supremacist and founder of the Black Panthers in Illinois back in the '70s, won his re-election with over 70% of the vote.

If America were a racist country, 1500 mostly Hispanic people would not be attempting to illegal invade the country every day.

Forget the Alt Right. It's a non-story. They are a tiny fringe group being elevated by the media to smear Trump but in the end will only help Spencer raise money.

Anonymous said...

Let the Good Mayor Sly James give a permit to the NSM to exercise their 1st Amendment Right to wave Nazi and KKK flags on the Jackson County Courthouse steps. Get those gas cans charged up KCPD because Antifa will be coming over the barricades this time!

dayton said...

what do they expect from some loosely affiliated neo neckbeards? AS IF, like they are some old school slick white boss hoggs lawmen and judges holding up some fantasy of white dominion. you take a reporter to the hebrew israel-lites, and have them say death to jentiles and fake jews and africans in africa, only real people are african americans, YAWEH YESHUA~!,,,, that would be explained away by the splc and all the damage control experts.