Thursday, November 10, 2016


A crushing defeat for a talented, educated and brilliant young man offers inspiration but also a hint that elected office might not be in his immediate future.

Here's the kissoff thank you message from former Missouri SecState Kander. Checkit:

Jason Kander: Why You Won’t Get a Pass From Me

Please know that I’m going to be fine. My wife is gorgeous and brilliant and my son True is my best little buddy in the world. We are not the people who will be hurt by these election results. So please don’t spend any time being sad for me. If you’re going to be sad for someone, make it the single mom who has cancer and is scared to death about being unable to keep her insurance to continue treatments without Obamacare. Worry about the undocumented student who has only ever known this country and is worried about what happens to her now. Worry about the minimum wage worker trying to stretch $30 into a full grocery trip. Let your heart go out to the college student saddled with enormous debt and unable to get help from a parent whose own graduate degree has forced him into bankruptcy.

I met each of those people, in real life, during this campaign. And it fueled me the whole way. But here’s the thing, that fuel is still in my tank. Why? I love this country and I won’t let losing an election force me away from the process.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be President and the Republicans control the House and the Senate, but I need that to double your resolve, not cause you to give up on our politics.

Be proud of the campaign we ran. In a “red” state that Donald Trump won by 19%, we came within 3% of turning the Senate seat blue. And we didn’t do it by hugging the middle and pretending to be moderate Republicans.

I wouldn’t change a single day on this campaign. I’m proud that we took on some of the biggest names in Republican politics and darn near shocked the world. We fought for smart environmental policies, for unions, for LGBT equality, for commonsense gun safety, and a host of other important causes. I’m proud that we didn’t back down and that we demonstrated that the most important thing Democrats can do is make their argument.

If you were a part of this campaign in even the smallest way, you might feel like stepping away from it all to lick your wounds. Maybe you think you’re done with volunteering or donating or even believing in anything changing. Well, you won’t get a pass from me. Staying engaged has become more important than ever.

And this is the time to maintain that engagement. A new generation is stepping forward in America. Don’t let anyone tell you that this generation is selfish. This is a generation that cares more about ideas than ideology and measures patriotism not by a politician’s eagerness to go to war but by their willingness to do what’s right no matter the political cost. And this generation knows better than to let any politician – even a President – tell them that a changing country is a declining country.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next or even whether I’ll ever place my name on a ballot again, but I know I’m not leaving this cause behind. To truly care about this country is to demonstrate that you care about her politics the same when you’re winning as when you’re losing.

America needs you now more than ever. So don’t quit! This generation is patriotic, creative, selfless, and – most importantly – numerous. My campaign might no longer be the vehicle for your activism, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from standing up and making your voice heard . . .

Read the whole thing here.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I don't think Kander is done.

Remember Cleaver is 72 and the people of KCMO will vote for Satan himself for congress as long as he has a D besides his name.

But I could see him going after the senate seat again in four years. But who would be go against? Blunt is also getting up there is years and wouldn't be shocked if he quit after the term is up. I can see a Kander/Sam Graves matchup.

Graves while popular is from NW Missouri almost no mans land. No one outside NW MO know anything about him. But Graves has also been trained to be Senator or Gov of MO since the time he was elected to congress so it maybe hard for Kander again.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a war somewhere that needs him? Maybe Obama can start one before he leaves office so the 20 something Democrats can all get something to campaign on next election.

Anonymous said...

Kander may want to think about changing party affiliation like Koster did. But then, it didn't help Koster

Anonymous said...

What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

The phony commercial where he assembled an AR15, a gun he seeks to deny to regular citizens did not impress anyone. Missourians know a fraud when they see one.

Anonymous said...

Insiders say Jason Kander is already committed to his next political move. In 2018, Kander is going to run for Claire McCaskill’s U.S. Senate seat. Jason Kander will face one of two scenarios and he’s prepared to deal with either one of them. Scenario # 1 . . . Claire decides life’s too short and, after 12 years as a U.S. Senator, she calls it quits. But this scenario is unlikely; in recent months, Claire has signaled (and not subtly) that she will seek re-election in 2018. This leads to Scenario # 2 . . . Claire commits to seeking re-election in 2018, forcing Jason Kander to challenge U.S. Senator and incumbent Claire McCaskill in the 2018 Democratic primary. To be sure, the greed and ambition of Diana and Jason Kander know no limits; that’s why the Kanders will challenge Claire in 2018 if she doesn’t step aside. This is not a prediction - it’s a guarantee: in 2018, Claire must either step aside or the Kanders will declare civil war within Missouri’s Democratic Party and try to wrestle the U.S. senate seat away from incumbent Claire McCaskill. It will be an ugly fight. Jason Kander will justify his internecine move by underscoring that in 2004, Claire challenged incumbent Democratic governor Bob Holden. Claire defeated her fellow Democrat in that 2004 gubernatorial primary, but went on to lose the general election to Republican Matt Blunt. Fact is, Jason and Diana Kander don’t care two whits about Missouri or Missouri voters. The Kanders only care about themselves — and about power and money — and they're already plotting their next political move in 2018. So naturally, at this moment, Jason must appear to be gracious and dignified in defeat, because he’s already planning to run again in 2018. Only problem the Kanders now have is the serious questions swirling around town about their 2014 online “crowdfunding” charitable fundraiser; and buying Diana Kander’s way onto the New York Times bestsellers list; and Jason Kander’s behind-the-scene operation of the “Raise Your Hand For Kids” scam. By the way, if you see Jason Kander, please ask him: where’s the $9 million in RYH4K donations that were collected but apparently not spent to promote Amendment No. 3? What did candidate Kander and his buddies do with all of those millions in RYH4K’s donations? Finally, anyone interested in the lowdown on Jason and Diana Kander should read “The Kander Memo” — which can be found online at Scribd.

Anonymous said...

Scenario # 3 Trump has Diana Kander deported.

Anonymous said...

Based on the returns in Jackson County, Kander can win just about any local office he wants to go for. If Trump or Greitens overestimate their "mandates," Kander might just pull off another statewide win.

Anonymous said...

You mean Kander could even serve on the Jackson County legislature with such luminaries as Crystal Williams?
That would sure be a big step up after getting hosed in a US Senate race.
Kander's ambitions will continue to outrun his abilities and political realities.
That's likely to lead to political suicide down the road.

Anonymous said...

lol @ 6:48 - That's mean, but funny.

You people are losers.

Anonymous said...

With respect, to all Missouri voters who've read this Kander message, this is bullshit!

From a man who wanted to be your U.S. Senator, he begins by playing the role of Big Brother a la "You Won't Get A Pass From Me"? Excuse me? Like we ever had any meaningful contact to begin with, or we're going to be pen pals into the future so you can solicit campaign contributions from me again.

"That's not how I roll"? Hey Jason, the race is over, I think you can safely drop the GI Joe/Rambo phony persona that you created for yourself. We looked up your service record, and you were riding a desk in Afghanistan, doing financial corruption investigating for no more than 3 to 4 months. And hey, we do appreciate your service, but distorting your military record for political gain was just too high of a hurdle for us.

"My wife is gorgeous and brilliant and my son True is my best little buddy in the world." Whew! Jason, I almost was going to make a negative comment about your family, but I caught myself and took the high road. You see, my issues were with you the candidate, and it would be unethical to go after your family. Don't you agree? Oh, well we'll agree to disagree on that one.

"The single mom who has cancer and is scared to death about being unable to keep her insurance to continue treatments without Obamacare." Jason, she's likely scared to death because she recently opened up the letter detailing her next massive increase in premiums! Obamacare is a boondoggle, plain as day for all to see.

"The undocumented student..." Undocumented? Still clinging to the liberal jargon are we? The word "illegal" hasn't been banned from routine use, at least not yet. Mr. Kander, if you're the owner of a movie theater, and my friends and I sneak into your place to watch movies without buying a ticket, is that ok with you? If you try to stop me from entering or throw me out afterwards, is it acceptable for me to claim innocence as an "undocumented" movie-goer? How long do you think you'll stay in business before everyone stops buying a ticket? Jason, you're not a racist are you?

Anonymous said...

"The college student saddled with enormous debt and unable to get help from a parent whose own graduate degree has forced him into bankruptcy." Mr. Kander, listening to you, one definitely gets the pessimistic idea that pursuing higher education is a road to ruin. Perhaps you could give me some advice for a couple I know? They both went to college, and then on to an East Coast law school "JesuitsRUs", but neither one of them enjoyed practicing law. Was this just a case of poor career planning, or is the Obama economy really that bad?

HOYA Doing?

"We came within 3% of turning the Senate seat blue." At this time, please reference the phrase "horseshoes and hand grenades."

"Don’t let anyone tell you that this generation is selfish." Note to self: Jason Kander is probably not the one to make this argument.

"I don’t know what I’m going to do next..." "Take some time off…"


Democrat Jason Kander, his lobbyist-wife Diana, and campaign manager Abe Rakov have signed tentative contracts to appear in the Branson, Missouri comedy show of performer Yakov Smirnoff. Following his campaign defeat on November 8, the trio will take a week off before reporting to their new Branson theater home.

"The Order of the Red Star" is scheduled to run throughout 2017 in Branson.

Jason Kander will be playing the role of an inept, bumbling Russian soldier who practices assembling his Kalashnikov rifle while blindfolded. He single-handedly takes out his whole unit.

Diana Kander is the disgruntled Jewish lawyer turned entrepreneur who writes a book explaining how to make vodka from potato peelings, and winds up on the Pravda best-seller's list.

Abe Rakov plays the Solzhenitsyn-reading Jewish Social Justice Warrior who gets shipped off to a Siberian gulag to manufacture ice cubes.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Jason Kander couldn’t even wait one week since his Nov. 8 defeat in the Senate race and he’s already running for a new political position: chairman of the national Democratic Party (a/k/a/ “DNC Chair”). Unbelievable. This is beyond excessive ambition; this is delusional. Clearly, Jason Kander is operating under delusions of grandeur. Here’s the link: