Monday, November 28, 2016


Just a bit of good news for this evening from the KCPD top cop who offers his perspective and more deets on a treacherous Kansas City gun battle spanning several blocks over the weekend.

These words are important this year given that police have faced not only increased cutbacks from City Hall but also scrutiny from community leaders of tactics amid deadly police shootings.

Here's the Chief's statement and an open thread given that his postings are protected from open pubic response or comment.


KCPD Cheif: In large and dangerous gun battle, KCPD & others performed with valor and professionalism

An exceptionally large and violent shooting incident in the early morning hours Sunday tested the members of our department on all fronts, from courage to coordination. And I couldn’t be more proud of how we responded.

Here’s what happened: At approximately 2:18 a.m. Nov. 27, officers were called to Gregory & Prospect on the sound of shots. Upon arrival, officers observed suspects actively shooting at each other. Fearing for their safety, one officer fired shots. Due to the gunfire, three vehicles were involved in an accident. While securing that scene, officers heard numerous shots fired in their immediate area, for several minutes. Officers saw vehicles near the initial scene involved in a rolling shoot-out. Due to continuous gunfire and an active scene, KCPD requested assistance from police around the metro area. Law enforcement from numerous surrounding agencies responded and assisted with the incident, which spanned from 70th to 72nd streets, Prospect to Brooklyn. Seven people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Six have now been treated and released. No officers were injured during the incident. At this time one suspect stated he was shot by police and was treated for minor injuries.

This incident endangered the lives of hundreds of people. Much of the rolling gun battle took place on residential streets. It covered eight square blocks. Numerous houses were struck with bullets, and it is incredibly fortunate that no one inside them was hurt. Shots continued to be fired while police tried to aid those who were already shot. Those firing these shots had no regard for the life or safety of others. As I said in my previous post, this altercation didn’t arise from nowhere. Someone knew a dispute was brewing, and they didn’t tell us. Someone had to see at least one of these suspects angry and armed, and no one called until the bullets started flying. Police alone cannot stop this violence. We need your help to intervene.

That said, the police response to this incredibly dangerous incident is one of which all Kansas City, Mo., and metro-area residents should be proud. Much of that started with excellent direction and coordination from dispatchers. The amount of information that was coming in and the efficiency with which they distributed it was remarkable. Even with eight assisting outside agencies, they worked quickly and professionally to get everyone what and where they needed and kept track of all responding personnel. They truly are a credit to emergency telecommunicators everywhere.

On the ground, our officers rushed toward the danger. This was an incredibly volatile and dangerous situation with multiple active shooters, and the officers responded without hesitation. Where others would flee, they went right into the hail of gunfire. They risked their own lives and safety to protect the residents of our city, and their valor has not gone unnoticed. Everyone who responded to the Gregory and Prospect area that night showed up ready to work and with a positive attitude, even knowing the danger and the magnitude of the task ahead.

We also enjoyed an exceptional response from the metro-wide assist-the-officer call issued. Officers from eight different agencies responded to assist with everything from holding the perimeter of the incident to protecting multiple crime scenes to going to different hospitals where suspects/victims were taken. These officers were eager and ready to help, and I want to make sure everyone in the metro area knows what an asset they were. They came from the following agencies:

Ferrelview Police
Independence Police
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Missouri State Highway Patrol
North Kansas City Police
Raytown Police

Leawood, Kan., Police
Prairie Village, Kan., Police

I also want to thank all the responding Crime Scene technicians and detectives. The 8-square-block crime scene they had to process and canvass early Sunday morning was only the beginning of their duties. Their thorough and professional work will ensure that those involved in this violent criminal act will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

While the act of violence early Sunday morning was awful, I could not have asked for a better or more professional team to handle it. I apologize if I left anyone out. The response was so seamless; it can be difficult to discern everyone who was involved. I just know I am very proud of everyone who responded, and the residents of Kansas City should be, as well.


Anonymous said...

Good for the Chief for making this statement. Police are under attack throughout the nation and they need to support each other. While our political leaders are often at odds and our residents have their animosity toward one another, what this post does is demonstrate that law enforcement throughout KC is connected and supportive of one another. A lot of people don't know that and now they do.

Anonymous said...

Ferrelview Police WTF is that?

Anonymous said...

Lots of police departments around KC but still more crime.

Everybody loves to come shooting but nobody wants to patrol and connect with neighborhoods. That's the REAL story.

Anonymous said...

Ferrelview? Did Barney Fife bring his 6-shooter? And 6:46 black people don't want them there, nor do they do anything to help clean up their own shitty neighborhoods. Add to that de-policing taking place because you cannot dare potentially hurt a black persons feeling lest you be labeled a racist and your career over. This is all at the direction of the black police chief and black mayor. Spare us that it is the fault of the police bullshit. I don't see cops doing any community outreach in my neighborhood yet we don't shoot each other. Why is that? Because my neighborhood is mostly white, that's why. You'll notice this violent crime has continually occurred for decades where black people live. Put the fucking blame on the people committing crimes, where it belongs. Police can't be everywhere all the time to stop crimes before they happen. You know what would happen where I live if the police force was cut in half? Nothing. I guess less traffic tickets would be given but crime wouldn't go up because most of us are civilized unlike so many people on the East side. Most of us don't need a constant police presence to not commit crimes. Then again, most of us have real "parents" not just sperm donors and baby incubators. These same parents required us to not drop out of school and being gainfully employed, something woefully lacking in the black community. Take some fucking personal responsibility, it's really not that goddamn hard to stay out of trouble and prison.

Miss Allen said...

I realize that you have no stake in our community and have little understanding but you should know that KCPD often lends and shares resources with neighboring police departments, that they are willing to help kc is something that is beneficial to both cities. So sad that you don't understand as much.

Anonymous said...

How many arrests were made?
Put more cops on the street and the gangs will be less willing to risk their freedom with violence. Take away their safe space.
Ferrelview is by the entrance to KCI. Ferrelview Police is probably Brice Stewart, Repub candidate vs. Mike Sanders and Dem candidate vs. Sheriff Stewart.

Bob said...

Ferralview PD was misspelled. Should have been Feralview, and that's why they were at Gregory & Prospect. You can view lots of ferals there.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Sheriff Sharp.

dayton said...

stake in your community? what community, i guarantee none of those orks that shot up prospect have lived in the same house for more than 6 months. there is no black community. they have no investment in gregory and prospect. if they were invested in prospect why the hell does it look like an atomic bomb was dropped on it. why the hell do they shoot em, rob yall that live there and anybody else. roving gypsy bandits with short hare triggers and heavy artillery. thats all. if thats your community, go hang wiht your volks, the real ass brothaz that shot em up this saturday nite, then next saturday there will be another multiple wounded shooting. what was it, 20th n cleveland 2 weeks ago, 4 broads were shot up. some community. yet its other people talking bad about the fukin crime that raises your ire, not the actual inside genocide happening.

Anonymous said...

You fuck everything up.

Jacknowledge said...

Tkc, looks like there are a lot of complaints about how this was handled. That is your real story.

Anonymous said...

Ferrelview? It sounded like they needed all the assistance they could get down there but I'm sure that Chief Daniel Clayton from Ferrellview was the one that was there considering they only have like two officers.

Unfortunately, Clayton probably did more harm than good there. He was fired from his old job at Mosby, MO PD (Close to Excelsior Springs) before Clay County took over the small town. All the other security companies that he was fired for also got it right.

Chief Clayton has been accused of violating the civil rights of numerous citizens (google the news stories) by assaulting them and jailing them for simple stop signs violations and such.

Chief Clayton drives his Ferrellview PD car all over the northland and typically parks it in the fire lane or handicapped parking spots at Planet Fitness when he does his roided out workouts.

He was also the one that TKC previously had the story on during Captain Melton's funeral. Clayton drove his Ferrellview car through the grass at the Leavenworth Military Cemetery because he didn't want to wait and file out with the rest of the officers, including the KCK officers.

Such an embarrassment to the badge in so many ways

Anonymous said...

Plus 7:08 makes another grave error referring to those who live on the east side as "people."

They are far from human.

Anonymous said...

We commend the officers for their response. Can anyone answer why the largest PD in the metro area is needing help? No officers on the streets!!! If we check the rosters for the number of officers working that night. Possible 5 to 6 officers working each station. 25 to 30 officers covering the city. Chief gives kudos to all that helped but he couldn't care less for his own officer's on the street. KC Star continues to do fluff pieces on the Chief. The mayor, the city council, the commissioners all with their heads in the sand. Crime and Murders are out of control but hey the Chiefs a good guy.

Anonymous said...

police did a a good job and a good thing. Sorry that a lot of you can't see that.

Anonymous said...

KC = home to crime.

Anonymous said...

How do you check the rosters?

Anonymous said...

^^^ I'm glad to see reporters still use TKC for research. A good sign for our blog community.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City police outgunned by the bad guys. That is not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

After the dust settles a day later.... a statement.

Anonymous said...

Roided out dickhead is right

Anonymous said...

OK someone educate me here. Where do Kansas cops from these towns derive their authority since they are not even certified as police officers in the State of Missouri?

Crazy Clown said...

All they had to do was call me, I could empty out 20 city blocks in minutes,, wouldn't be nothin' left,, but,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chief -- I shall sleep much better now that you have (crawed out from uner your rock) everything under control