Sunday, November 27, 2016


Our blog community crowd sources information to keep the conversation going regarding our political elite and their quest for more POWER. Today our blog community BRINGS FIRST NEWS OF COUNCILMAN SCOTT TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN DONOR LIST and so many interesting early supporters.

Here's the word from a KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTER looking over public documents so we don't have to:

Mayor Of KCMO In 2019??? Are We Really There Yet?

Apparently, it's never too early to solicit contributions and try to shut out your opponents. Councilman Scott Taylor was a busy boy over the Summer, but has since slacked off into the Fall of 2016. He's now sitting on a war chest of roughly $272,000. So, does Councilman Taylor constantly have his hands outstretched for money?

There are some high-profile KC names conspicuously absent from the Taylor donor list, but we'll chalk it up to prudent money interests not eager to part with their cash this far ahead of the election. Let's take a quick look at some of the recognizable names that have coughed up so early for Team Taylor:

We're referencing the July 15, 2016 M.E.C. ID NO. C101580


Powerful Performance Solutions, the Scaglia/Cleaver Democrat connection from Lee's Summit.
Geoff Jolley, Congressman Cleaver Office -- District Director
Donovan Mouton, Housing Authority of KCMO, Mouton Consulting Group
Telephone Contact, Inc. of St Louis MO, Joyce Aboussie (old political hand for Richard Gephardt)


Robert Patrick (City Worker) , President Local 500 Public Service Employee Union and member of Mayor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Ethics Reform
Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 518 PAC
Construction & Laborers Local 264
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 15
IBEW Local Union 124
Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 2
Roofers Local 20
Public Safety Concern -- KCMO Firefighters
Teamsters Local Union No. 541
Plumbers Local No. 8
National Institute for Construction Excellence
CHIPP Political of St Louis MO, Carpenter's Union
Teamsters Local Union No. 41
HCA Political Action Committee (Heavy Constructors)

Burns and McDonnell Engineering
HNTB -- Engineer
Musselman & Hall Concrete Contractors
Lutjen -- Architect
Duracomm Corporation
Kiewit Engineering,Design, Constructors
Infinite Energy Construction
A. L. Huber, Inc. General Contractor
Slaggie Architects
Herzog Construction
H.W. Lochner Engineering of Chicago IL
Mark One Electric
Kissick Construction Co.
Centric Projects commercial construction
Trekk Design Group, civil engineering
Transystems Engineering Consultants
BNIM Architects
Blue Nile Contractors
Populous Group Architects
TSI Engineering


Republic Services, Inc. of Phoenix AZ (Waste and Recycling Services)
Clean Energy of Newport Beach CA (Natural Gas Fuel supplier)
Kansas City Live, LLC (Power and Light District) Cordish Company of Baltimore MD
Cerner Corporation
Bill George, KC Transportation Group
Garry & Associates Insurance of North Kansas City
Fishtech Labs, Computer Security
Jack Stack BBQ of Overland Park KS (see campaign dining expenditure of $2,659.95, 3 days after $1,000 donation made)
Pinnacle Entertainment of Las Vegas NV (Ameristar casino KCMO)
Alan Flory, ReDiscover Mental Health/Substance Abuse
Sporting Kansas City
May Technology & Manufacturing, tool manufacturer
North American Savings Bank
Boulevard Brewing Company

Lathrop & Gage -- Attorney
Bryan Cave -- Attorney
Husch Blackwell -- Attorney
Lewis Rice -- Attorney
Thomson Walker -- Attorney
Polsinelli -- Attorney
White Goss -- Attorney
Stinson Leonard -- Attorney
Richmond Breslin of Skokie IL -- Attorney

Zimmer Real Estate
Block Real Estate Services
Sunflower Development Group
UC-B Properties
LS Commercial Real Estate of south Overland Park Kansas, Paul Licausi, President
Executive Hills Management of Overland Park Kansas
Lane 4 Properties
Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors Missouri
Briarcliff Development Company
IDGAS LLC a Denver CO metro area linked real estate management firm
WGAFF, LLC a Denver CO metro linked real estate firm (see above listing)
James Thomas of Carmel IN, CityScape Residential Multi-family
Alex Nyhan of Bethesda MD, First Washington Realty
Botwin Family Partners, commercial real estate development
NorthPoint Development of Riverside MO, real estate development
Mac Property Management of Englewood NJ
Hunt Midwest

Rockhill Strategic of Prairie Village KS (Jon Stephens who serves as a hired mouthpiece on Ruckus)
Al Figuly, Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone
KC Volleyball Beach bar, 1027 W. 67th Ter. KCMO
Stephen Holle, KC Bier Co.
Two Lews Properties LLC (Chris Lewellen)
Broadway BLB, LLC 107 West 75th St. (see Chris Lewellen)

KCMO is a PAY FOR PLAY political town, but our local daily newspaper and television media refuse to discuss it. It's that thing called "Kansas City nice." Hmm, but I wonder why all these out-of-town, out-of-state interests would be giving money to a KCMO Councilman. They probably are just burdened by too much cash!

(Disclaimer: All information listed above was gleaned from publicly available documents and internet-accesible data. No guarantees are implied, and the reader is strongly encouraged to investigate and verify all data for themselves. All those listed above may suggest corrections by posting to this blog.)


Anonymous said...

More than a quarter of a million dollars and the mayor's race is 3 years away.

I guess KC really does have the best democracy money can buy.

Anonymous said...

No wonder he doesn't have any time to address the actual issue residents and local businesses are concerned about and pay their taxes for.
He's way too busy giving away the tax base to any "developer" with a pulse and playing the usual game of KCMO electeds, "What are you going to run for next?"
Cathy Jolly will make a GREAT mayor!
The circus never ends.

Anonymous said...

Scott is going to Mayor just has Hillary is going to be President. The world has changed and the City needs to change we don't need a Hillary clone.

Anonymous said...

Establishment whore.

Anonymous said...

KC pay 4 play is right. This guy sounds like he's on his way.

Anonymous said...

Killa City a City you Can Trust.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Here Comes Santa Claus said...

Why does this guy always look like he is stoned? Might be only way he can deal with Cathy.

Super Dave said...

"that have coughed up so early for Team Taylor:"

You mean team Jolly/Taylor

Anonymous said...

Many of above will be richly rewarded with contracts from KCI big redo, frou-frou toy train extension, etc. Taxpayers will suffer for a lifetime. If Trump Justice Dept prioritizes prosecution of local gummint corruption, "orange may be the new black" for some of our political grifters.

Anonymous said...

excellent post. We see that taylor already is compromised before the campaign even starts. Thank you for posting this tkc.

Anonymous said...

let's get a competent outsider, not a corrupt junior.

Anonymous said...

Well it should be interesting. The Punch and Judy --ah I mean Punch and Jolly show. Take out a piece of paper and write down all of the things that the two of them have DONE in their elected positions. The talk a great show, they blow a lot of smoke, they smile and nod their heads yes, --but what have they actually ever done.

Anonymous said...

What about Cathy's YOOOOOGE settlement from JaxCo that she wanted because they had the nerve to fire her for not showing up for work.