Monday, November 28, 2016


Like it or not . . . It seems Kansas City's most prolific transit activist has garnered a great deal of grassroots support for his latest transit effort. Take a look:

Clay Chastain: Red hot Streetcar expansion petition to be turned in by weeks end.

The majority of voters (59 to 41) rejected Plan A (Light Rail Question #3), but so far the people are loving Plan B (the new petition initiative to expand the city's downtown streetcar line to the Plaza, UMKC, Brookside, the Kansas City Zoo, the eastside and Royals & Chiefs' Stadium, the Historic Northeast, and up to the central northland at Vivion Road & I-29).

The citizenry apparently understands that if we are going to have a streetcar system let's make it a more of a useful, citywide and rapid rail system, and let ALL THE PEOPLE vote on it!

When Kansas City was in its heyday, it had the third largest rail system in the the nation. Plan B seeks to build a much improved version of the kind of rail system that once made Kansas City great.

Plan B's 24-mile, $1.0 billion expansion of the city's 2.2-mile downtown streetcar line (that will predominantly operate on "Greenways" separated from traffic) will be the largest, most innovative, most beautiful, most efficient and most convenient streetcar system in the nation. Its smashing success will single-handedly turn the city around and provide for the people a "more livable, sustainable and transit-oriented Kansas City."

What's more, this fun, quiet and zero-emission rail-based transit system will be complimented by an all electric auxiliary bus system that includes mini-shuttle buses to transport passengers to and from the rail stops and an express bus system to connect passengers from the end of the rail lines to the Kansas City International Airport, Twin Creeks, Cerner @ Bannister, South Kansas City, etal.

The people love Kansas City's Streetcar, and Plan B gives them more of what they love and more of what our city needs.

Clay Chastain...KC Community Activist


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Anonymous said...

rumor that he's moving back to run for mayor and make his vision a reality.

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