Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Here's important FIRST WORD from MCI amid the holiday season rush with a few good jokes mixed in for good measure.

Take a peek:

AIRPORT ALERT !!! We must build, Jolie and Sly say so!

KCI /MCI is an absolute disaster! Yesterday, November 22, at 5: 30am I pulled right up and parked at Southwests’ ticketing area and my passengers were at their gate within 10 minutes… Today Wednesday, November 23 at 11:45 am (yes that’s right, noon) there were 18 people in the curbside checkin line at Southwest. Very few at the ticket counters inside. I parked right at the curb, passengers disembarked my vehicle and check bags and were at their gate in less than 15 minutes.. WOW what a disaster. We must build a BILLION Dollar airport immediately!!

All of the above is of course in jest. When you think that there was a 4 hour back up on the 405 at LAX yesterday when my passengers arrived there, we’re in pretty good shape. Things are moving better today out there.

The point is we are going to start hearing about how terrible our airport is and how bad things are at KCI. How about a little maintenance? That would go a long way toward making the KCI experience a lot better.

Last night at the Chamber of Commerce Dinner her in Kansas City, the talk was all about the new single terminal plan. How "we just have to do it, NOW". When several people were asked if they had seen the Crawford Plan, the answer was no. They had no idea there are other, less expensive, more efficient plans available. The mayor has selected the Chamber to lead his fight for his idea of a single terminal , which is now moving into full swing. Be prepared for the propaganda blitz during the holidays..

Be cautions and remember the local news is a puppet for city hall.. All in all things are moving very smoothly at the largest carrier at KCI, from what we experienced yesterday and today..

Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

Why should city hall support something that works?

Better to spend a billion in order to have something new and shiny with far less accessibility for all KC residents.

Read it and weap said...

Leave the airport alone Sly.

Anonymous said...

Our plan: never improve. Always complain. Never offer alternatives. Never lift a finger to work towards the betterment of the city.

That's why we refer to Citizens For Responsible Government as "Nogs With A Blog."

Anonymous said...

elites out of touch with reality and what people want?

guess the memo hasn't gotten to ksnsas city yet.

Anonymous said...

3:36 is the perfect example of why KC is screwed up. Same reason Trump was elected. Liberals form a narrative and repeat it over and over to themselves so they cannot hear an alternative. ESPECIALLY if it makes more sense than their self-enriching plan. I'M NOT LISTENING LALALALALALA.

"Never offer alternatives"???? Idiot. The article you're commenting on lamented about a good alternative being ignored. And let's compare the hours CFRG has invested in this issue to yours.

Thank you CFRG for lifting many fingers to save us from these self-enriching, self-important morons.

Bob said...

KC needs a new airport because the local movers & shakers are embarrassed when their business contacts fly in and see how run down out airport is. Solution: Skype.

Anonymous said...

The airport needs Kale vending machines.

Anonymous said...

Kale chips are awesome, have you tried them. You can make them at home, just mix the kale in a bowl with olive oil and spread them on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. It's a good way to go vegan! And happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

427 hit it right on the head. This whole discussion around the airport is purely cosmetic. If the city & the powers that be would just make that argument, maybe folks would get behind that because it at least is something we all can accept as true. But instead lying about environmental issues, TSA issues, additional flights or whatever else they lie about it offends the sensibilities of the public. We all know TSA is not an issue, we all know flights are based off "cool looking airports", etc.

Cosmetic isn't an unreasonable to change. This city's voters have voted for cosmetic improvements to all types of shit. Just be honest.

Anonymous said...

real elites don't fly into kci.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Cross the Broadway Bridge and watch the numerous private jets flying into Wheeler Downtown Airport. The rich and powerful fly into private airports. Johnson County has several. No waiting lines. Few delays. Expect the rich who will make half-a-billion dollars from the new KCI to never use it. Let the peasants eat cake. Let them have their cake and eat it too.

Anonymous said...

Until they fill up all the dead space in terminal A and C this conversation is has no legitimacy.

Check you terminal C sometimes.
Just about empty.

( I have been traveling for a living since 1991. I've never complained about the airport itself. Could have more shuttle buses at 6 am from lot B.)

Anonymous said...

You can rely on your taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

5:11 & 5:27 - Yep. Also, that JoCo (Gardner) KS airport is axshunjaxsun all year. George Strait concerts (some years back) had his "ranch & rich" friends arrive there (my dad's fire capt. best friend drove limos and met many mega moneyed). Oil and cattle guys had top flight toys, and tipped BIG.

MonkeyHawk said...

It's a matter of timing. About the time they cut the ribbon(s)to KCI, somebody decided it'd be a good idea to hijack an airliner to Cuba. KC was stuck with a pre-hijacking airport. Over time, hijacking became an art, a skill cultivated by the malefactors for which security people had to respond. I remember landing at KCI & being in my car before the folks at the back of the plane even got to the jetway.
KCI is extremely user-friendly for Kansas Citians; for out-of-towners, not so much. They get to baggage claim far faster than they do at LAX or Detroit or JFK because they have to walk a mile in other cities whereas they're right there in Kansas City the moment they're off the plane. If you're a Kansas City native, traveling on business, you can carry-on what you need and bypass checked luggage altogether.
Times change. When KCI was built, the priority was serving people of Kansas City. Now they're playing to the convention trade, the out-of-towners.