Saturday, November 05, 2016


We'll get into election stuff a bit later in the day . . . For now let's take a quick look into the future of 12th & Oak and behind the scenes drama as KICK-ASS COURTHOUSE INSIDERS offer a glimpse into an upcoming local government brain drain.

To wit . . .



Coming soon to a county near you: A mass exodus of talent from the Frank White

Over the next several months, get ready for an exodus of some high-profile and key staffers in the White administration. The worst kept secret in a town is that MANY key staffers have been quietly sending out "feelers" to a variety of employers in an effort to escape what is seen as a quickly sinking ship and an increasingly toxic work environment. Almost all of them are now so desperate to leave that many are even willing to take significant pay cuts so long as they can escape. Also, several key staff have been seen out-on-the-town after a "few" drinks openly discussing not only how completely incompetent all of team White is, but also how they are starting to see "sketchy" or "questionable" conduct from the top echelon that is making everyone at the courthouse even more paranoid and uncomfortable than ever.

A county that size needs a core cadre of professional staff to continue to function at even a modest level. Once those staff give up and leave, look for even darker days ahead for Frank as he continues to run people out of the building with his autocratic and paranoid management style

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Anonymous said...

Don't miss the 2nd half of this story Tk.

Franks is a jock and he needs people with experience.

Without them he's not going to be run his office or do all the things that he promised.

Anonymous said...

Where would they find jobs?
Are there really that many insider contract deals that have been quietly pushed one way or another?
Of course there are.
Just take a look at COMBAT.
And the "key" insiders don't seem to have done much of a job with assessing property or providing management and oversight of the jail.
Maybe the downtown courthouse can be converted into another hugely successful apartment building!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope, that legions of government employees, who prior to Frank's ascendance, were sucking the life out of tax payers while they sit on their asses (I have worked at the Water Department many times, over staffed, fat ass black chicks, doing nothing.).

Jackson County Voter said...

These are Mike Skippy Sanders leftovers.
They are making $120,000 a year
They put in less than 30 hrs a week.
They have excessive paid holiday leave.
They have excessive paid vacation.
They are the architects of the foul crimes at the jail.
They are the ones that never say shit about Steve Nixon and his crazy payouts.
They look the other way as James Tindall raids Combat.

They are unemployable.
They are not going anywhere and Frank White knows it.
Frank White is at a loss in how to dislodge this trash.

Brain drain. WTF?

Vote NO on Combat.

DON'T VOTE FOR FRANK WHITE. He is probably really GOP anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, Caleb will run everything. He has lots of experience given his recent law degree where he was then qualified for the important task of walking the dog for the prosecutor

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Kansas City to give us a negro Trump.

Anonymous said...

it's for an outsider to tell what's really going on. and the local newspaper isn't good-government oriented.

generally, it is good career people who make government work.

don't know what to believe.

Bob said...

There will not be a mass exodus of talent because there is not that much talent. At most a trickle.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. You used talent, professional staff and Jackson County all in the same story. You are so funny, Tony.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, Frank is going to go down as the worst elected official in this city's history. He is NOT who the public thinks he is. People can make fun of the staff all they want, but many of the good ones (also some bad) them have given their lives to that place. Caleb's "management style" is to threaten to fire everyone if they don't do exactly what he and Frank want. Problem is they are starting to ask people to do things that are illegal on contracting. That place is a total fucking disaster. If this continues down this road, someone will go to prison.

Anonymous said...

I have thought Frank White was an asshole ever since his medium-intelligence children went to Barstow and he would walk down those halls acting like he was the King Shit of the school.

Keep in mind this is a school with people who have 10x the pull and net worth than some weak hitting second baseman.

I don't know what his deal was- whether he hated the school, white people in general, or just thought we should be in awe of a baseball player. It was very very weird.

Anonymous said...

Lived near White in Lees Summit, the guy is a raging ego maniac and truly hates white people. It is interesting to note that those who actually know him don't like him.

Also, in the neighborhood we heard that his house was up for auction because he never paid his mortgage or taxes. Anyone know what kind of "arrangement" was made to let him slide?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Steve Nixon used to be a fucking judge?

Why did he leave that job for this gig?


Anonymous said...

White is a self-serving racist asshole. Always has been. Heard him at a BBQ last year with some "brothers" loudly proclaiming about George Brett that ONLY reason Brett got more attention than him back in the day is because he was white and Kansas City Royals fans have always been racists. He was also making fun of some of the white people at the picnic behind their backs that were supporters of him. But when they came around he put on the Uncle Tom routine so he could "take their checks" meaning campaign money. I'm Latino so I think he felt OK talking and joking like that in front of me. If I had taped him that afternoon his career would be over. The guy is a total fucking tool.

Anonymous said...

If high ranking people are threatening to quit and leave, please, by all means, hold the door for them as they exit. The county residents will barely notice.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Vernon Scoville used to be a judge?

Why did he leave that 6 figure job for a lower paying no-bid contract "position" at the sheriff's office?

And why did he "leave" that gig for an even lower paying part time gig in Blue Springs?


Anonymous said...

You mean "Perv"on Scoville? The sexual harasser?

Anonymous said...

Jean Penis-Baker