Thursday, November 03, 2016


The fight for the Presidency stands on a razor thin margin for both candidates and talk of dire consequences of the election aftermath now threaten Kansas City.

Here's a brief collection of news links from sources both Conservative and Progressive which reveal polling trends.

Take a look:

Fox News - Fox News Electoral Scorecard: Key states tilting toward Trump after FBI's October surprise

American Thinker: Bombshell break for Trump buried in the latest Rasmussen poll

The Young Turks: Hit The Panic Button Hillary Supporters

Western Journalism: New Polls Show Trump Leading, Enthusiasm For Clinton Sagging

The New Yorker - Two Americas: Why Donald Trump Still Has a Lot of Support

Moreover, our blog community now offers EXCLUSIVE/BREAKING NEWS access into an uncomfortable contingency plan now under discussion inside the corridors of City Hall and among power brokers at 12th & Oak.

To wit . . .


The word . . .

"Here's today's discussion that TKC readers should get a kick out of . . . Authorities and politicos are starting to panic over the official response to a Trump victory. 

Never mind that both Missouri and Kansas have both been polling huge margins of victory for Trump in the past few weeks. It's finally starting to sink in that Trump could win among officials at City Hall. 

Yes, you guessed it. We're talking riot control at some of Kansas City's favorite entertainment districts as part of the discussion. Generally there's a sense of urgency about how the current Administration will react to this election given that Kansas City has fostered good community relations with activists and the urban core so far but now that police relations are strained with the Mayor and City Manager's office . . . It's anybody's guess what kind response we'll get. 

Expect a token effort about "respect and Democracy" as our elected leaders have been completely clueless regarding the possibility of a Trump win . . ."

And so . . .


To help the efforts of both public safety and public information during this historically divisive campaign season, we offer this post as a bit of preparedness for the upcoming election showdown.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Of course we'll be ready.

Maybe blocking off the bridges to the North land might be a good idea.

KC Newser said...

Very nice Kansas City reference there TKC.

I see what you did there and I likes.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't need to be much of an excuse for our entertainment districts to go haywire and the election is good as any.

Remember that there was dancing in the streets in Westport when President Obama first won.

I don't think the response will be the same if Trump takes it.

Anonymous said...

If Donald will just be careful not to grab a pussy or call any fat broads fat he might have a chance, but I got a billion that says he'll open his pie hole and the polls will swing again.

Anonymous said...

If Trump should actually win, we could start by placing warnings:
“The Ministry of Truth – Minitrue, in Newspeak – was startlingly different from any other object in sight…From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:

War is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength.”

Anonymous said...

Trump will be indicted. He is currently under investigation now for tax evasion and fraud. His son said if his returns were released, thousands of experts would be able to document the illegality involved.

Wesley Snipes went to jail over a $17 million tax bill. Trump hasn't paid income taxes in at least 20 years. He'll be in prison for life, unless he pardons himself.

Anonymous said...

You are a homosexually depraved bitch , clueless idiot , the President TRUMP party WILL be in SOUTH CENTRAL LEEWOOD anyway bitches

Anonymous said...

Clinton wins with 273 electoral votes. Pretty close but unless Pennsylvania and Virginia flip (which is unlikely) then Clinton takes it.

Anonymous said...

Well well, it looks like we've got ourselves a reader on our hands.

Just kidding, nice 1984 quote.

Anonymous said...

These new polls show that Trump is at 265 in the electorial college, so it comes down to Trump taking Florida and North Carolina. Obama took Florida the last two presidential election These polls don't include Spanish speaking voters. Kander is the only one taking a hit.

Anonymous said...

Actually , President Trump wins with 309 erectorial votes , doesn't have to get any of the states out west . Will easily get the key swinger states of Florida , Pennsylvania , Ohio , Vagina , North Carolina and Georgia !

chuck said...

The real message here, at least locally, is that the Democrats who run the city, like the Democrats who run the nation, know that the Obama/Thug/Fascist/Brown-Shirts that they use to enforce the Progressive Narrative, are expected to do, exactly what they have done during the election process. Intimidate, incite violence and destroy property and lives.

The cellular corruption within the IRS, the DOJ, State Department, The Treasury, the FBI etc. etc., where left wing, Progressive, Apparatchik bureaucrats over reach and control our lives with the help of the 4th Estate, Hollywood and Academia, have encouraged and instilled a culture of violence when Americans disagree with the Liberal Narrative. The evidence is categorical and the results, as Tony states, could be bloody, here and across the nation.

This de-facto admission of guilt, by way of the expectation of violence from Thugs, would be damning if the media were in any way objective. That objectivity, departed decades before Donna Brazille departed CNN.

I guess, the city could always just implement and announce a policy in advance, that gives Progressives, disappointed by election results, "Room To Destroy".

That's how Democrats usually get in front of tough issues, with bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Are the groids ready for Jan. 20 2017, The Day The EBT Card Ran Out?

They'd better be!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with Chuck.

It doesn't take much to get people riled up and KC has a disaster on it's hand.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to trot this post out on Nov. 9 and make Tony's little world look more totally dreamed up than ot already is.

Greedo said...

^^^ What's to trout out? Authorities should be ready for any eventual threat. This is one. Read between the lines, look at the image. Pretty sure TKC is giving us a pretty big wink on this one. So keep reading and keep sniffing. I'm sure Tony will keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Been some great entertainment the past few days watching the HOMOSEXUALLY abounds people on MSNBC , PBS , CNN AND the network's freaking out about the movement of President Trump up in the polls ! More shit to hit the fan from wiki leaks that will have old strap on crapping out of her Depends while Huma licks up the mess !

Anonymous said...

We have to stop this! We must unite to fight Trump!

Anonymous said...

Be great to see those network's metrosexual TRANNY BITCHES heads explode when they have to announce that President Trump wins big time by a landslide victory over the diseased , rotting bitch on Tuesday , early evening , HA , HA ,HA !

Heal The Nation said...

Hillary for Jail 2017!

Anonymous said...

"KCMO city hall top echelon insiders".

Anonymous said...

So is there going to be a Mau-Mau uprising on November 9th if The Donald wins? Maybe Zulu with Michael Caine would be a good movie to run that night.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. If Hillary wins, nobody will care.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am voting for Pepe!

Anonymous said...


Jim Claxton NKC said...

I'm voting for Johnson because you're all disgusting and you don't care about the country. Only winning more power and money for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

There's been a half billion dollars spent on smearing Hillary Clinton over the past 30 years and now we're waiting to see if it pays off. It's unlikely there will be another October Surprise like the FBI interfering with elections, something that would have made J. Edgar Hoover blush is going to happen and Trump needs another big bang other than child rape and murder involving billionaire pedophile Epstein.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how deep the bullshit gets as we move closer to the big day. Now, tell me there is a way to prevent either from taking office and America could possibly have a chance.

Reason KC said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

Hairy ass fat LIBERAL BITCH TRANNY click on went to Epstein's island to rape little brown sugar girls , bubba went to rape little Boyz , any questions ? ?

Anonymous said...

jeez Greedo, are you a mindreader or merely a fucking idiot?

Trout that out.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that Trump wins. Somebody needs to keep Bill Clinton away from the interns.

Anonymous said...

^^^^If the interns are willing, ain't nobody's business what they do.

Anonymous said...

Bubba's DISEASED dick fell off years ago , now he depends on the Weiner to beat him off up the butt , while Huma licks the infected ass crack of that fat rotted BITCH strap on Clint lint ¡

Jonsey said...

What's this I hear about charges against Trump?

Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven’t The Media Covered It?

I guess he might really be a grabber!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who use Huffington Post for information but there are other news sources online if you have a little patience. The second case was filed in late October about the rape of a young teenage girl. What's different this time is Donald Trump threatened the girl that she would disappear like another 12 year old girl if she said anything about these assaults. This new case is criminal conspiracy and not just child molestation. The lawyer of the plaintiff had her server shut down this week after the papers were filed with a federal prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ maybe because of the tape of Hillary laughing about gaining the acquittal of a child rapist (which actually happened, unlike your faux claim)?

Anonymous said...

State Democrat Dem % Republican GOP % Lead End date
Alabama Clinton 36% Trump 53% +17% Oct 30
Alaska Clinton 43% Trump 45% +2% Oct 30
Arizona Clinton 43% Trump 46% +3% Oct 31
Arkansas Clinton 35% Trump 55% +20% Oct 30
California Clinton 56% Trump 33% +23% Oct 31
Colorado Clinton 42% Trump 40% +2% Oct 31
Connecticut Clinton 51% Trump 39% +12% Oct 30
D.C. Clinton 87% Trump 4% +83% Oct 30
Delaware Clinton 51% Trump 38% +13% Oct 30
Florida Clinton 46% Trump 45% +1% Nov 01
Georgia Clinton 43% Trump 49% +6% Oct 31
Hawaii Clinton 52% Trump 31% +21% Oct 30
Idaho Clinton 28% Trump 50% +22% Oct 30
Illinois Clinton 50% Trump 36% +14% Oct 30
Indiana Clinton 38% Trump 50% +12% Oct 30

Anonymous said...

Kansas Clinton 37% Trump 48% +11% Oct 30
Kentucky Clinton 33% Trump 56% +23% Oct 30
Louisiana Clinton 36% Trump 54% +18% Oct 30
Maine Clinton 47% Trump 39% +8% Oct 30
Maryland Clinton 63% Trump 27% +36% Oct 30
Massachusetts Clinton 58% Trump 27% +31% Oct 30
Michigan Clinton 45% Trump 40% +5% Oct 30
Minnesota Clinton 48% Trump 39% +9% Oct 30
Mississippi Clinton 42% Trump 47% +5% Oct 30
Missouri Clinton 38% Trump 50% +12% Nov 02
Montana Clinton 38% Trump 48% +10% Oct 30
Nebraska Clinton 33% Trump 51% +18% Oct 30
Nevada Clinton 43% Trump 45% +2% Nov 01
New Hampshire Clinton 46% Trump 39% +7% Oct 30
New Jersey Clinton 55% Trump 34% +21% Oct 30
New Mexico Clinton 45% Trump 33% +12% Oct 30
New York Clinton 57% Trump 33% +24% Oct 30
North Carolina Clinton 46% Trump 44% +2% Oct 31
North Dakota Clinton 32% Trump 55% +23% Oct 30
Ohio Clinton 42% Trump 45% +3% Nov 01
Oklahoma Clinton 30% Trump 57% +27% Oct 30
Oregon Clinton 46% Trump 35% +11% Oct 30
Pennsylvania Clinton 48% Trump 42% +6% Nov 01
Rhode Island Clinton 49% Trump 36% +13% Oct 30
South Carolina Clinton 42% Trump 46% +4% Oct 30
South Dakota Clinton 32% Trump 52% +20% Oct 30
Tennessee Clinton 39% Trump 51% +12% Oct 30
Texas Clinton 41% Trump 46% +5% Oct 30
Utah Clinton 27% Trump 32% +5% Oct 30
Vermont Clinton 51% Trump 24% +27% Oct 30
Virginia Clinton 47% Trump 41% +6% Oct 30
Washington Clinton 51% Trump 33% +18% Oct 30
West Virginia Clinton 27% Trump 59% +32% Oct 30
Wisconsin Clinton 46% Trump 41% +5% Oct 31
Wyoming Clinton 23% Trump 62% +39% Oct 30

Anonymous said...

Missouri Jason Kander 47% Roy Blunt* 46% +1% Oct 31

Anonymous said...

Clinton will win. The fix is in. She will destroy our way of life. I am old enough to fight,nothing to lose.
Byron will be slowly dissolved.All 6' 7/12 " of him. Checkmate!

Anonymous said...

Trump will TRIUMPH!

Anonymous said...

I hope they make Gary Busey Secretary of State. Freaking world wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Donald Trump Child Rape Update