Friday, November 18, 2016

The Kansas City Red Friday Night News

Ring girl hottie Arianny Celeste inspires this evening look at some of the more important Kansas City links out there right now as we keep the fire for local news junkies overnight. Take a look:

Tough Reality Show Life Choices Confront Kansas City Fake Gronk
Commentary: No Sure Thing In Sports, Or Life
Dead Tree Reassurance In "Nice" Locals
Hate speech and harassment rebuked in Kansas City and on area college campuses
Meth Town Internets Conflict
Two teens arrested, accused of robbing man selling iPhone online
More Deets From Kansas City Murder #108
KCPD investigating deadly shooting on city's south side
Costly Rock Chalk Building Boom Cont'd
New KU Hospital high rise still needs millions from public for completion
Show-Me Internets Next Chapter
Missouri's next governor looking for help as he unveils transition website
Kansas City Booze News
Ultimate Wine Run coming back to KCMO despite many complaints & no refunds
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't be a hater. He needs to get ready for life after football. Sports celebrity is good practice for talking about the game for the next 30 years.

Anonymous said...

That star story, what were they saying about fake news?

Anonymous said...


Mirror mirror
On the wall
Whose lair is fairest of them all?

When a woman shouts out
Or squeals in delight
Wants to keep going all through the night
Some may grow tired
Suggest a nightcap
Even show her the door, such an etiquette slap!

But red-laced gems
Like Miss Arianny
Brilliant cut bodies
And a solitaire fanny
Can tell all the others
Nevermore, go drop dead
For this dark-haired raven
Has found her safe haven
In the no-holes barred TKC bed!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought ALEC already had an office in the State Capital in Jefferson City, Missouri, they sure don't post their address anywhere else though they claim to have set up shop there for years?

Anonymous said...

My gawd Mildred. There this thing called Craiglist. It's just like the classifieds! This puter and internet stuff is really sumptin honey!

Anonymous said...

Blacks and their lifestyles, have made Kansas City a real shitty and dangerous place to live. Don't you wonder just how far down they will drag society, before humans begin to revolt??