Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Kansas City News Link Look Tonight

On the eve of Thanksgiving, these Kansas City news links stand out more than the rest as we serve up another glimpse of local life along with our continued celebration of Denise Milani hotness and the fantasy that she knows how to cook. Take a look:

Kansas City Runaround Tonight
Police chase, arrest driver accused of trying to injure officer
Tech Confronts Danger In This Enclave
Waldo man runs off would-be burglar with app
Kansas Promise To Stop Trimming
Brownback budget won't include furloughs, layoffs
Show-Me Another Mizzou Scandal
Missouri's Athletic Department Is Under NCAA Investigation For Alleged Academic Fraud
Kansas City Church Chat
Former altar boy's defamation lawsuit now in hands of federal appellate court
Golden Ghetto Low Key Election
JoCo Election Office Says Recount Leaves State Senate Vote Unchanged
Kansas City Urban Core Saving Grace
Jerusalem Farm working to repair the community
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Anonymous said...

"Missouri's Athletic Department Is Under NCAA Investigation For Alleged Academic Fraud"

Say it isn't so. You mean those boons can't maintain their incredible 2.0 grade average without some mud shark helping them cheat? Damn they better throw up a smoke screen, protest something, scream RAYSHITZM and see who they can get fired before the scholarly sharks catch them.

Anonymous said...

No Rosie Jones Tony? Why have they forsaken thee?