Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Kansas City Morning News Link Look

Pamela Anderson is pushing 50 but her hotness endures as we move forward and check these Kansas City mainstream media links for right now. Take a peek:

Cowtown Mama Crime Testimony
Kansas City mom describes 'pure terror' of armed masked men robbing family after running car off road
Diploma Mill Disaster Followup
Heritage College: Another for-profit closes, how to avoid being scammed
Golden Ghetto Going Under
Mission officials deal with dangerous erosion problem
Kansas City Glory Once Removed
Ben Zobrist has go-ahead RBI in 10th for Cubs, and Royals fans rejoice
Real Life Kansas City Remission Winning
"I WON my battle against you!": Local woman's open letter to cancer will bring tears to your eyes
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the morning . . .


Silverback Sly said...

Great,now Zobrist and his tranny looking wife will spit out another kid and name it Wrigley Ivy or Waveland Grace.

Anonymous said...

"Heritage College: Another for-profit closes, how to avoid being scammed"

People that go to the for profit trade/career schools are pretty much idiots who wouldn't last a semester at a real school. The schools have a baloney accreditation system, their credits are pretty much worthless anywhere else, their degrees are just as worthless and they just use suckers to milk state and federal grants and funds.

They often brag about the high percentage of their school students who are employed in their respective fields of study upon graduation, but the FACT is they credit people dumping trash at the hospital as graduate medical workers or their degreed It specialists as employed in the field when the get a job filling ink cartridges or working as a Geek at Best Buy.

What disadvantaged folks get is adulation and a convincing pitch, but little to no education while stacking up a pile of school debt.

If local media gave a real shit they would stop accepting advertising dollars from these cash cow baloney fake ass schools and refuse to be complicit in the scams.

Anonymous said...

If this is the same person,or even if its not.I will ask again.

What do you know or what is you're honest opinion on concorde career college?
I don't think your description of people who go to these colleges are idiotsis accurate or faif.In any case ,tis is very distressing to me .my nineteen yearold dughter is having a hard time finding a job in the field that she studied and got her diploma from at Concorde.

I am about to start researching, myself.just thought you would be kind enough to let me know,if you know anything,that is) about this particular school,since you seem to have some knowledge about these trade schools...Perhaps you've been burnt? im just looking out for my daughter.Any info you can give me would help,if you are being honest

IM beginning to wonder about these schools ,myself.. TY AFOR YOUR OPINION OR ANY answers you can give me!!

Anonymous said...

From the way that you write perhaps you should consider a remedial elementary school.

Anonymous said...

From the tone of your comment perhaps you could use an enema,also its not the worlds fault that you prefer to go through your crappy ,nightmarish life,simply existing .

Also no one elses fault that you are a puney little cuck.You were born with one nut and a micro-penis.

you pathetic constipated, angry jealous little loser.