Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Kansas City Morning Link Look

International model Taiana Camargo is soooooo hot . . . How hot is she??? She's so hot that a Brazilian oil company exec allegedly bought her two apartments and three restaurants in a scandal that sent the nation further into economic turmoil.

And in that spirit . . . We offer these Kansas City mainstream media links.

Checkit . . .

Celebrate More Local Luxury Condos
JV Breaks Ground on $72M Kansas City Mixed-Use Development
The KCMO 'Already Dead' Defense
On trial for a 2012 triple slaying, KC man says he found the victims dead
Celebrate Prez Obama Second Chance
KCK man who had life sentence for drug offenses commuted returns home to family
Historic Northeast Kansas City Good Life
Pendleton Heights Homes Tour set for this weekend
Kansas City Fanboys Have Little Faith . . .
Is this the worst Chiefs playoff team ever?
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Trump will have to decide if America should rebuild its existing infrastructure or let that infrastructure fall apart as it builds brand-new infrastructure (Trolleys!) that it won’t be able to afford to maintain.

Anonymous said...

You seen one blog you seen em all.

Greedo said...

^^^^^^ Is that why you keep coming back?

Mr. Frosty's Trolley said...

He keeps coming back to observe how much lower this towns values have plunged overnight.

Anonymous said...


Make Brazil Great Again!!!

Anonymous said...

"JV Breaks Ground on $72M Kansas City Mixed-Use Development"

Well hell, that means the tax breaks will be over 200 million.