Monday, November 21, 2016

The Kansas City Monday News Link Peek

Hottie Arianna proves that hard work and a winning smile really pay off in the end. Accordingly, here's our midday local link collection. Take a peek:

More Deets Kansas City MCI Expansion
Non-stop flights from Kansas City to Europe could soon be a reality
Gunfire Aftermath Across The Bridge
KCPD spokesman says shootings like this are officers' 'worst nightmare'
Somewhat Local Burning Sensation
Firefighters battle massive building fire in downtown St. Joseph
Community Fears Flying Bullets
Northland woman describes driving by traffic stop then hearing horrifying sound of gunfire
JoCo Tragedy Today, Too
One dead following car crash on 119th Street in Olathe
Strange KC Biz Hottie Promotional
Bungii App | Local Furniture Delivery & Moving Help Services in Kansas City
Sound Of Kansas City Hipster Holidays
Spend Black Friday with Mike Doughty at a free all-ages concert at Mills Record Company
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Anonymous said...

KCPD spokesperson talks about a Gladstone shooting?

Anonymous said...

Nice rack!

Anonymous said...

keep kci convenient, tweak some things, and it'll be a quiet gem.

kansas city itself is a quiet gem of a place to live, so an airport with the same niche is appropriate.

oh, the first nonstop european flight should go to a city with an airport where connections to secondary destinations are easy. i'm not sure which one that would be. one to consider is marseille but it may be too small as a primary destination.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a deet Mildred?

Anonymous said...

Fuck The Police!