Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Kansas City Jodie Wednesday

Jodie Gasson gets us ready for the Kansas City midweek. And here's the morning news to start our day.

Take a peek:

El Bryan Jokes Election Research
retorts illustrated bryan stalder
Following Up TKC Blog Community
Hickman Mills school board has new leadership after election fiasco settled
Homeowner Insight After Alleged "Career Criminal" Captured In The Golden Ghetto
Lenexa homeowner shaken up after burglar breaks in while he was home
Show-Me Last Days Well Spent
Terminally ill man's final wish to spend day on the links granted
Northeast Kansas City Resource Talk
Healing House talks community issues, expansion plans
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Lenexa dude is feeling the wrath of living next to apartments filled with black rats.

Bob said...

"Police believe that suspect is a homeless man. Currently he is in a jail awaiting charges." He's homeless no more! Progress at last.

Anonymous said...

If he had broken into my house while I was there homelessness would not have been a problem either.

Anonymous said...

Put a member of the Curls family in charge of something and stick another she boon on the board. Yeah, that'll fix the Hickman Mills School District.

Anonymous said...


When Jodie came to my office with an idea for a new bra, I told her to snap out of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony loves Jodie. Tony's fanboy on Jodie.