Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Kansas City Early Thursday Link Peek

More political news coming up but for now we take a general look at what's been happening overnight in the Kansas City metro area along with a bit of MSM speculation about the future. First . . . We'll pay tribute to our favorite curvy hottie Tessa Fowler for all of her good work.

Now check the links:

Kansas City Helping Hand
Kansas City program hopes loose change will make big change for those in medical need
Urban Core Burning Sensation
Fire destroys house in northeast Kansas City
Dead Tree Media And Tears For Fears
For those terrified by Trump's campaign rhetoric, fear abounds over what's to come
Suburban Lesson In Recycling
City of Mission on a quest to put old bikes to good use
Sunflower State High Hopes
Early chatter hints at possible Trump administration roles for Kobach and Brownback
Kansas City Artsy La Migra Talk
Carlos Ortiz-Gallo on Memory and Loss in Immigrant Narratives
Hampton Has It All Figured Out
The Weekend Starts Today
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I hope that he takes both of these assholes to D.C. .

Brownback will be "Secretary of Bible-thumping Religion".

Kobach will return to his job as an escort that works out of Barney Frank's basement.

Anonymous said...


The media told a flat-chested Tessa that the odds of Trump winning were the same as her waking up on November 9 with a 32GG bra size!!!