Friday, November 11, 2016

The Kansas City Early Friday Look

Roxanne Pallett hotness and dangerous curves brings us to this early morning link compilation as we slouch toward the weekend.

Take a look:

More Deets On Council Gone Native
Kansas City Council Passes Resolution In Solidarity With Standing Rock Sioux
Kansas City Gunfire Aftermath
2 men charged in Wednesday's life-threatening shooting
Meth Town Tragic Running Man
Independence man accused in deadly hit-and-run that killed a veteran skips trial
The World According To Steve Kraske
Winding down one wacky campaign season
Courthouse Musical Interlude
Jackson County Detention guard sings with inmate, de-escalates situation
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I remember being infuriated in 2004 when Howard Dean was essentially disqualified from the race because he kind of yelled a bit awkwardly one time.

Anonymous said...

The Dean Scream


Anonymous said...


Diana Kander reenacts election night's Blunt force trauma!!!

Anonymous said...

with trump in office the pipe line will finally be a go. start digging up the bones.

Super Dave said...

People suffering from mental health issues have no business sitting in a jail. They need to be in a facility getting proper care. Obamacare is a joke when it should have addressed this issue as well, but does not.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Council Passes Resolution In Solidarity With Standing Rock Sioux"

TYPICAL DUMB FUCK LIBTARD MOVE! If the pandering clowns on the city commission gave a shit about the sanctity of American Indian heritage, tribal or sacred grounds they would be committed to tearing down city hall and removing their coon asses from the geographical area. What a fucking joke and waste of tax payer time. No wonder my people were so hot on smoking Peyote. Just look at the kinds of morons they had to deal with.

Anonymous said...

DAMN, SUPER,dave..that was actually a fair,intelligent and accurate comment,not to mention, very thoughtful.

yo may not be as big a dickhead as ive always considered you.