Monday, November 07, 2016

The Fight For Kansas Hunting Rights

A more reasonable explanation of another strange ballot initiative under consideration amid this election. Take a look: Is Hunting a Constitutional Right? Kansas and Indiana Voters Will Decide


Anonymous said...

The right to hunt and fish does not give city slickers the right to tramp over a farmer's fields without permission. Which they regularly do and which have closed many, many acres to responsible hunters.

Since the state "owns" all the deer and animals, they should be responsible for damage they cause due to over population due to game laws designed to increase revenue rather than manage wildlife.

Anonymous said...

All the state constitutions are worthless if a single Federal bureaucrat is empowered to write a regulation making hunting illegal. You would think people would be scared shitless of the power we have allowed the Federal government to assume over our lives, but we just keep giving up our rights like we have no choices whatsoever.