Saturday, November 26, 2016

Taylor & Kansas City Saturday Morning Links

Taylor Vixen is a pr0n hottie who also has an exceptional sense of fashion. In there latest work she shows off her festive outfit that helps inspire us at the outset of this real deal holiday season.

And now, to start this morning right, here are more than a few news links we're checking:

The Game Of The Season Coming Soon
Kansas City Chiefs: Five Things To Watch Vs Denver Broncos
Rock Chalk Disgusting
Lawrence residents frustrated with sewage backup in apartment
Kansas City First Responder Helping Hand
With firefighter PTSD in focus, KCFD shows how mental health for its organization is a top priority
Meet The Happy Rock Teen Gunned Down In Shooting Altercation With Gladstone Police
Teen ID'ed in fatal encounter with Gladstone officer
Kansas City Doggie Comeback After Cruelty
Pit bull badly injured in fireworks attack makes tremendous turnaround
Be Very Fracking Scared
Missouri Earthquakes: Mostly Quiet For 200 Years, New Madrid Fault Along Mississippi River Is 'A Sleeping Giant'
TKC Fun Fact: Half Of All Kansas City Freelance Journalists Are Paid To Put Together Weekend Guides
Handmade in KC! & Other Weekend Possibilities
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I can't post on the burlesque page to ask how naked they get.

Anonymous said...

They either iz or theyz izn't.

Anonymous said...

A freelance journalist is just some kid who went to college recently and would rather not flip burgers for minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

guides are actually productive. much better use of time than writing drivel for a legacy media outfit.

Anonymous said...


In an attempt to please everyone, Taylor spreads herself too thin!!!