Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hanna Beth is a professional hottie model and her infamous tattoo is a good place to start this consideration of metro-area push back against a silent protest meme that might be more of a fashion statement than call to action according to this friend of the blog.


Super Dave: Safety Pins

It appears the Shawnee Mission School District feels that teachers shouldn’t be allowed to wear safety pins to make a statement that so far hasn’t really been determined as to what it means. I saw a list today on a news story and a few other places that supported about 25 some different reasons to wear a safety pin as a show of support. But I question how many people are going to start wearing a safety pin just because it appears to be the chic thing to do. It’s no longer turning into a political statement or a support statement I don’t believe, but worn more as being one of the cool people type statement because Patrick Stewart decided it was a cool thing to do.

As I read the list that is currently going around, wearing a safety spin deems you is a safe person to be around and that you will protect those that you feel are subject to harassment or any other ill means. But in proclaiming this statement how far are you willing to step out to protect these people if they come running up to you, wanting to hide behind you for protection while six guys the size of NFL linebackers are quickly approaching. I then ask just what are you going to do? Are you going to hold up your safety pin and says this protects us from people like you? Once again I think we’re being hit with a fad that the mass media has turned into a situation where they will be able to reap lots of coverage and incidents from this so-called movement.

I notice a lot of the comments proclaiming to be against the Shawnee Mission School District decision are saying that the banning of the teachers being allowed to wear pins is against freedom of speech. Isn’t it amazing when your cause faces objections the first thing that everybody starts screaming is freedom of speech. All the protesters on the streets are claiming freedom of speech while they obstruct the freedom sometimes of just the everyday people who want nothing to do with their cause. There are those that feel flying the Confederate flag is as well a freedom protected under free speech. African-Americans feel they have the right to use the N word under freedom of speech but white people or any other race are not allowed to use the N word under the freedom of speech it then becomes a racist statement.

Freedom of speech means just exactly what the three words say; the freedom to say what is on your mind. I’m sorry but I as well as some other people I know don’t construe an object or an action as freedom of speech. But there are certain laws around that say you don’t have the freedom to say what’s on your mind. Mass media organizations everywhere will censor what’s on your mind. People start blogs to speak their freedom of speech but don’t you dare attempt to post your freedom of speech on their site. Even civil rights proclaiming attorneys in this town will censor your right to free speech all one has to do is go read their blogs to see that or have posted a negative response to their so-called freedom of speech post.

If you feel the need to protect everything and all from all of the evil in the world I would suggest that you would better make use of your time by coming involved in law enforcement or joining up with an active group that actually does something for people’s rights other than dancing around in front of the TV cameras holding up signs. I’m not positive, I think Winston Churchill once said something like, anyone can be an activist but a real activist is the one who works hard to make changes. Placing a safety pin upon your chest to me makes no real statement, to me it only signifies you saw something on the news or internet and thought it was a cool thing to do and so you do it. I am also willing to bet 95% of those who really are wearing them safety pins would not in any way shape or form open up their homes, their lives, or continuously their pocketbook and billfold, to support the so-called true meaning of the safety pin as some would like you to think it’s all about. I see it simply as a form of slacktivism.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work Dave.

Lots of people wear this pins but what are they going to do if things get serious?

I think we need to talk about all the teachers who don't want to wear them and would rather spend their time educating students.

Good points all the way around. Thank you for writing this Dave.

Jane Jas. said...

If you want to really change things in the Shawnee Mission School District, start asking about their administrator salaries. That will change the topic to safety pins and school security quickly. They don't want anybody knowing that they make 70% more than teachers for doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

well evidently free speech doesn't apply here since my comment about this being a stream of Dave Diarrhea got deleted.


Anonymous said...

Oh the irony of deleting comments in a post about free speech:

A real stream of Dave Diarrhea, and it smells super putrid

Your words are hollow and meaningless, Stupor Dave, when you preach about free speech and yet comments referring to your thoughts as feces are deleted.

You all smell like dirty balls said...

Looks like the comment got through: TKC FREE SPEECH WINS!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Who wants to see your free speech hatred along with nasty thoughts asshole.

JoJo said...

^^^^^ "Nasty thoughts asshole"

That sounds like a great name for a punk band. But also like every opinion YOU disagree with. Ain't free speech grand!

Now go fuck yourself gently with a Popsicle.

Steve Bilko said...

Dave lacks an understanding of teachers, administrators and students...most teachers are mean, most administrators are strictly in it for the money, and almost all students, other than the 1%, hate them both...schools are dangerously unsafe places...

Anonymous said...

The only thing this safety pin crap is going to do is drive up the price of safety pins and the Chinese will drive 9 yards up our collective arse again.

Fair KC said...

Finally, some real thinking going on here. Let them wear the stupid things. But let's also pay teachers according to performance.

Anonymous said...

SM district made the common sense call.

Most SM teachers are good but evidently not all.

Anonymous said...

I know a teacher there. She said the majority think the pin thing is ridiculous and she and her friends are scared to speak out because of being bullied. Sad.
Do you know what the difference is between a protester wearing a safety pin and a baby wearing one?
If they come unfastened you will see a bunch of shit.

Anonymous said...

Dave lacks an understanding of damn near everything.

J.W. said...

You might need the safety pins for when the adult diaper wearing students start melting down and urinating themselves because Trump is so mean.

The safety pins are there to help hold the diapers on. Seriously so much hate.

The teachers need to be able to stop the rivers of feces that stream endlessly from the mouths and asses of liberal students. Safety first.

Anonymous said...

Safety Pins? Symbolism over substance. Sore losers. Already Trump has made diversity a hallmark of his team with more women being appointed the Obama. Most teachers interviewed are supportive of the election process and the laws of The USA. The majority of teachers frown on safety pins as symbolism of political discord as it truly shows ignorance.
As Hollywood makes good on their promise to relocate to the moon or countries more in line with their beliefs- it is suggested that traitors who wear safety pins put their houses up for sale and follow the Hollywood elite who we know will make good on promises to leave the US.
Those of us who stay know we will miss everyone and it will take months to replace all the handkerchiefs & Kleeneses the losers have hoarded and God help the babies who can't keep their diapers on because of the shortage of safety pins.
Stealing from babies... a new low.

Anonymous said...

Once talk about the public needs to look beyond policing there a huge backlash.

zain said...