Monday, November 07, 2016

Show-Me 'The Jewish Vote' Amid Close Missouri Senate Blunt Vs. Kander Contest

Sent our way by a friend of the blog . . . In the "Why it’s news for Jews" section of this informative Senate rundown we learned a new word today as this article notes that "Kander enjoys unusually impressive yichus for a Missouri pol . . ." Also, "Blunt has been close to the pro-Israel community for decades; as House leader he led trips to Israel for GOP freshmen. He also has been out front in introducing pro-Israel legislation and has been a constant at Republican Jewish Coalition events. His second wife, Abigail Perlman, is Jewish."

More to the point this JTA article informs us . . . Pro-Israel giving has not registered as a factor in this race, which is not surprising considering that it’s win-win for the mainstream community. (J Street does not back Kander.)

You decide . . .

The Jewish vote: Senate races to watch


Anonymous said...

Haha! Credit to TKC for even mentioning this topic. know that anyone who brings up religion in politics like this HAS TO BE an anti-semite! Right? Wow, you might lose your blogger license as soon as someone twists it the wrong way.

The very interesting aspect of this race which gets no public mention, is the surprising psychological traits of Senator Blunt and challenger Jason Kander.

Jason Kander clearly exhibits what Sigmund Freud described as the Oedipus Complex. Specifically, an unresolved son-father competition for the psycho-sexual possession of the mother, resulting in a phallic stage fixation that leads the boy to becoming an aggressive, over-ambitious, and vain man. This was put on full public display when Kander played with his phallic "gun" in a campaign commercial, and challenged Senator Blunt to do the same.

After he loses on Tuesday, perhaps Kander can enter psychological counseling and begin to become whole and healthy.

Anonymous said...

There is no "Jewish vote," you ignorant antisemite fucks. Some Jews are liberal, some are conservative. Some vote GOP, some vote Dem. We are "the Jews." We are just like you. Except for that Jesus thing, and (let's face it) being in general a little smarter.

Greedo said...

^^^ Take it up with the Jewish Telegraph Agency. The headline is theirs.

Anonymous said...

And your analysis of Blunt, 9:28?

Anonymous said...

Sigmund Freud's theories have been thoroughly debunked by actual the analysis that 9:28 AM provided is absolute horse shit.

Anonymous said...

Blunt +7

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to hear 9:28's analysis of Blunt--especially his relationship with son Matt. Must be something Oedipal or perhaps Electral going on there.

Anonymous said...

It only took 24 minutes before someone threw out the "anti-semite" charge.

Typical Jews. No one can dare to have an opinion other then theirs.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Trump-supporting CNN reporter warn about mozel tov cocktails...

Anonymous said...

Such flagrant bullshit on display in these comments!

9:52 comment You ignorant mental defective. There's no "Jewish vote", you claim? You want people to believe that American Jews equally split their vote between Republicans and Democrats? Let's look at the Jewish voting facts:
2012 69 percent for Obama(D)
2008 78 percent for Obama(D)
2004 76 percent for Kerry(D)
2000 79 percent for Gore(D)
1996 78 percent for Clinton(D)
1992 80 percent for Clinton(D)
You have to go back to 1920, to find an election in which a majority of Jews didn't vote for the Democrat! And what happened in 1920? 38 percent of Jews voted for Socialist Eugene Debs, while 19 percent voted for Democrat Cox.
9:52 you've just been DESTROYED by the truth!!

10:04 (first) and 10:12 comments Pathetic Passive Pussies waiting for someone else to do the work.

10:04 (second)
"Sigmund Freud's theories have been thoroughly debunked by actual science.." You offer no evidence whatsoever to back up your claim, other than your own horseshit.

10:43 comment
Go back and actually read it. It was a sarcastic comment on the state of our current politically correct public discourse. No one was seriously calling TKC antisemitic.

Anonymous said...

"10:04 (first) and 10:12 comments Pathetic Passive Pussies waiting for someone else to do the work."

I have my opinion, but you're the only one who can offer your analysis. Think much before you post?

Anonymous said...

1:11: Anti-Semite much?