Saturday, November 19, 2016

Show-Me Ferguson Court Fight Conclusion

Legal fallout of racial uprising protests . . . "Activists were challenging a state appellate court’s May conclusion that a St. Louis County judge correctly dismissed the suit, which sought a special prosecutor to scrutinize prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s conduct during the secret grand jury proceedings."

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Ferguson-related lawsuit won't be heard by Missouri high court


Anonymous said...

Soro's has deep pockets. Court made the right decision to save taxpayer money for elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

What the high court did here was rule that the law is the law, whether a negro is involved or not.

Anonymous said...

I guess they will have to bus in BLM and bitch and whine in the streets some more. They better hurry. Jan 20th is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

LOL, cry babies, they started this whole thing with a false narrative that the officer murdered an unarmed black man and investigation after investigation has backed up the officers version.

The sad part is the officer had to leave his job and likely will never be a cop again.