Sunday, November 20, 2016


A wave of violence against police across the nation continues tonight near Kansas City.

Just moments ago, this is the 4th shooting targeting a police officer over the weekend in the U.S. -

KSHB: Gladstone police officer shot in traffic stop

Fox4: The officer was shot Sunday evening around 10:45 p.m. during a traffic stop at NW Vivion Road and U.S. 169.

KMBC: A Gladstone police officer was shot Sunday night.

And again, we've warned that despite the cold, the quotient of violence continues to rise throughout the metro area.

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Anonymous said...

So much for law and order with Trump!

Guess it's just more of the same old garbage.

Anonymous said...

Violence moving out to Gladstone is not a good thing. It's a very nice neighborhood with a lot of housing for various income levels. Really a shame that this kind of thing will hurt the reputation of the city. It is quite nice a some place that benefits from a close but not too close proximity to the city.

This is just another sign that KCMO needs to take care of its problems or it will bring the whole metro down with it.

We've got to do better.

Anonymous said...

When is Forte going to tweet? He turned his back on his officers and the whole region. Time to go Forte!!!

Anonymous said...

11:38 i wasn't aware that Trump was in office yet. did i miss the inauguration? smh this is obama's mess which he started with his "the police acted stupidly" comment. and "if i had a son he would like like Trayvon Martin" b.s. followed up with buying into the "hands up don't shoot" false narrative and his support of BLM types. The Dems own this bullshit. and it was't just Gladstone. The san Antonio officer was ambushed and killed. Sanibel, Fl officer ambushed and shot. St. louis officer ambushed and the face. now hitting close to home with the Gladstone officer.

Anonymous said...

11:38 Dumbass

Anonymous said...

He's not the President until 2017, the middle of the month Trump will be sworn in. He can't change a thing until its officially his turn. Right now Obama has control.

JoJo said...

^^^^ That's cute that you think Presidents are in "control" what else did you learn in kindergarten?

Anonymous said...

11:38 PM in case you haven't noticed he's not the president yet.
We still under ObbbaWAAA.

Anonymous said...

That mindset is exactly how people think of government these days. They believe that the president will be making decisions that affect their every day life in all aspects. Yet people pay no attention to or even vote in the local elections that do. Prayers to the officer and all le out there. We have your six

Anonymous said...

Personally, I blame the schools.

chuck said...


Dead on the money. The last eight years, Obama, Holder, Lynch and myriad other spokespersons for the Federal Government, in conjunction with the MSM, Academia and the Progressive/Fascist/Democrat Party ahs given de facto permission for violence against the police, permission to riot, with "room to destroy" and encouraged, aided and abetted Obama-Brown-Shirt-Thugs in the streets to be the tip of the spear in this assault.

384 visits to the White House by Bob Creamer, the instigator of violence at Trump Rallies funded by George Soros and the Democrat Party.

Almost 200 visits to the White House by Al Sharpton, Black, White Hating insurrectionist who is categorically responsible for murders in Crown Heights (Where JEWS were the target, you know, it's close to "Hymie Town".) and the obscene, fallacious and irrefutably untrue accusations of racism levied against the business de jour for cash on a daily basis. What a parasite.

Many visits from the George Soros funded "Black Lives Matter" (WHAT DO WE WANT??? DEAD COPS!!! WHEN DO WE WANT THEM??? NOW!!!!) where the leaders were feted as royalty and showered with praise and accolades.

The "If I Had A Son President" NEVER missed an opportunity to gin up the hatred of whites by blacks in order to excite the Democrat base and bring out the vote.

There is a straight line, categorical reference from the blood of these cops (And countless citizens and victims in the street.) to the blood on the steps of the White House where the insurrection against law and order and support for the Rule Of Law originated.

Obama, Holder et al, are guilty of murdering these cops with their winks and nods to the destructive forces, now unleashed in our streets.

Anonymous said...

the crime task force report recommendations? was there anything there that can be acted on?

or, was it filed to be cut-and-pasted for the next commission?