Thursday, November 24, 2016


And once again we're challenging a Kansas City legacy of intolerance, hate, crass commercialism and sentimentality as we rage against all of the propaganda that typically accompanies this day dedicated to the mass slaughter of flightless birds which serves as a tribute to lies about American history.

To wit . . .


We don't think our observance of the holiday will be as controversial as Brit pop sensation Ellie Goulding disgracing herself by disparaging Native American traditional dress but we still hope to ruffle a few feathers.

Here we go . . .

The Kansas City Citizens Task Force On Violence Gobbled Up A Lot Of Time But Offered No Solutions During The Horrific 2016 Homicide & Violence Spree

A collection of activists, volunteers and politicians known as the Citizens Task Force on Violence spent about a year meeting and talking with people BUT NOTHING CAME OF IT. No change, no big suggestions, no legislation. This entire effort was nothing more than a despicable distraction while the body count continues to rise. This year so-called "community outreach" became a bad joke even though KCMO still needs people to stand up against violent crime. The blame for this wasted effort should be cast upon the Mayor Sly James for failing to empower or check-in on this group that did very little to stop the killing or even offer useful suggestions.

Kansas City "Girl Power" Hillary Clinton Supporters Were Served EPIC Defeat By Missouri GOP And Prez-Elect Trump

So much blame to go around here . . . Cathy Jolly, JaxCo Legislative Chair Crystal Williams, Sen. Claire McCaskill, a cadre of characters and all of their enablers used tragic gender identity politics that turned off and turned away voters en masse as Missouri Democrats continue to hold on to an even smaller super minority status in this state.

Kansas City 18th & Vine District Plucked More City Hall Cash To Feather Its Nest With Little Hope Of Future Profits

Once again from the cheap seats . . . Kansas City has thrown away $100 MILLION on 18th and Vine over the years. This time around there was talk of more EPIC subsidy but in the end City Hall merely threw another $7 million to satisfy political leaders without any hope economic turnaround, sustainability or financial opportunity for the long suffering 3rd District.

Foul Kansas City Streetcar Ridership Numbers FAIL The Toy Train Turkey

This year the streetcar broke down CONSTANTLY. There were a great many traffic wrecks involving this dangerous mode of transit and once again paid consultants threaten to hijack Democracy by gerrymandering votes to extend the line without citywide approval despite the fact that this clucker drains resources from throughout KC. Like it or not and considering the big picture, so much dedication to this smallish line is one of the many reasons why the number of police on local streets has shrunk over the past few years.

Haters Of Native American Dakota Access Pipeline Protest And Undocumented Workers Should Choke On Today's Feast

The history of this American holiday is a bad joke and its part of the myth that indoctrinates students to casually accept the near genocide of an entire people. And so today, despite the fact that so-called "compassionate conservatism" no longer exists . . . People celebrating this holiday who hate protesters fighting for their lands or decry undocumented immigrants who come to labor and serve . . . They're really just admitting that the idea of American exceptionalism is nothing more than a myth. Yeah, we almost puked while watching Prez-Elect Trump's Thanksgiving message, too. BUT here @ TKC we celebrate all cultures whilst enjoying jalapeƱo cornbread served at casinos hiring a great many Chicanos - The indigenous of the Kansas City's Westside. 

The Cornucopia Of Excuses From The Kansas City Police Chief About Rising Crime Fails To Satisfy Voters Hungry For Solutions

The Chief argues that so many homicides this year could not have been prevented. The poorly worded sentiment is indicative of an embattled Administration that has struggled this year with a war of words with colleagues, community protests and simply a great many neighborhoods filled with people who won't stop killing each other. Here at TKC we support the Chief and all police who put their life on the line to protect Kansas City and we sincerely hope that the top cop can once again bounce back from a tough year.

Jackson County Courthouse Gravy Train Runs Afoul Of Shameful Jail Hot Mess

The Jackson County Jail is nightmare and this year a rape crisis forced the evacuation of women inmates and continues to cause political fallout impacting the careers of the entire Legislature and Exec Frank White.

If He Plans To Continue In Politics: Missouri Senate Hopeful SecState Jason Kander Must Now Swallow Pride Leftover After Bitter Defeat & His Broken Promise

Let's be perfectly clear . . . Part of the reason that Missouri Democrats suffered a historic sweep this year was because JASON KANDER BROKE HIS PROMISE TO RUN FOR SECSTATE RELECTION. Only our blog community has consistently reminded voters to hold this politico accountable for his words if he's going to tout his ethics and commitment. Fact is, we supported Jason Kander and STILL think he has a bright future no matter what his path.  But if this nation, our city and the state of Missouri is going to move past an unproductive culture war . . . That has to start with holding politicos responsible for their words, actions and legislative record despite partisan rhetoric.

TKC Voted Kansas City Blogging Turkey By The Same Spammer Trolls We Entertain

We earned a bunch of votes by a few poor, lonely, old school dudes who spend most of their time thinking that their version of online bullying really makes a difference to the greatest blogger that Kansas City has ever read - Tony Botello . . ME. It's actually quite flattering that more than a few people are willing to follow me along this literary life journey. It can get rough but there has been a lot of fun times, great people and important moments both personally, politically and ultimately influencing the entire metro area.

Beyond troll-bait . .  

We're thankful for it all. And we're grateful for all of those who read every day as we appreciate so many folks who occasionally weigh in with a kind, insightful, instructive or helpful word. THANK YOU. 

Glory Days Are Gone And Now Kansas City Royals Return To Tradition Of Mediocrity

This season was a bust and the championship team has fallen apart and is now nothing more than a memory. The Moneyball fluke team to rose to the top amid great celebration and silly marketing tie-ins but now the front office is once again tightening purse strings. It might be another 30 years before the team enjoys another World Series win. However, the fun part of a far less celebrated Kansas City home team is that it makes going to the games enjoyable once again now that the bandwagon is a little less crowded, trendy and lame.

Accordingly and if you've made it this far . . .

We hope readers enjoyed this list of so many local turkeys. Again, we're thankful for this blog community that is the last bastion of FREE SPEECH AND AWESOME that's still gully and funny enough to remain the most INTERESTING collection of sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies and dickheads in Kansas City.



Anonymous said...

That is some powerful ciphering.

You for got to ask us to add turkey mentions of our own.

I think you missed quite a few.

Koster losing the election had to be a big KC turkey. Or was he one of the girl power ladies?

Anonymous said...

Trump was actually inspiring in his words of unity. I like how he talked about America as OUR home.

He made it plain.

This is going to be a fun 4 years.

Greedo said...

Thanks for the blog TKC.

Appreciate all your effort and from time to time, you still crack me up. Keep up the good work and keep ruffling feathers you big Turkey.

TL said...

Kansas City's greatest turkey building: Kemper Arena. Can we just save ourselves some money and tear it down?

Super Dave said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tony and to all the regular commentators, and as well in the nature of the holiday, I must add the same applies to all you trolls out there.

Anonymous said...

Byron and Mo Rage is the 2016 biggest Turkey.

Yes, Byron, "Hillary will be a great President." At least if you ask the media and pollsters and illegal aliens.

Funk wins said...

Sly is the biggest turkey of them all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tony, to you and yours. I'm thankful you're there. Your site is part of my morning routine.

(Sorry for being sappy, Funny & Cranky Commenters, but I like you guys too.)

chuck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of TKC's Commenting Cognoscenti and to you Tony.

Just for the record, if all we white boys have to return the land to uncivilized aboriginals, then Tony and his family, need to return to Spain (You know, I think Chelsea Handler is moving there.) Unless Tony is a Mayan or an Aztec etc. etc. then he traces his ancestry from those conquistador invaders who enslaved, pillaged and raped in the name of the Christian God and Spanish Royalty.

As for the Native Americans, lets review---

The Myth

"The great myth is essentially borne out by whatever one is likely to hear about Indians from non-specialist sources. Professor Clifton devotes several pages to fleshing it out, but it can be quickly summarized: Indians were spiritual, egalitarian, innocent people living in perfect harmony with the earth. They welcomed the white man, taught him the secrets of the wilderness, and shared with him the wisdom of their social institutions. In return, the white man enslaved and slaughtered the Indian, afflicted him with hideous diseases, and tried to destroy his culture.

Nevertheless, runs the myth, the Native American has survived. Though he has been dispossessed and politically emasculated, his spirit remains pure. As the white man begins to acknowledge the horrors he has wrought upon the Indian, so has he begun to study and appreciate the age-old wisdom and natural virtue to which all Indians, everywhere, are heir.

Like all myths, this one leaves certain things out: in this case, cannibalism, infanticide, ritual torture, geronticide, slaughter of prisoners, slavery, and the like. Such practices, though well substantiated, are seldom written about by historians and ethnographers."

Native Americans were aboriginals and if you think back in the day, you could "Dance With Wolves" and pick up a hot red head on the prairie to "go native" with, then you think the Toy Train is a viable and enduring sign of Kansas City's prosperity that is free and is crowed with 5 million tourists every year.

I am thankful to those oh, so, so hated white people, who have brought us all these great inventions and ideas, which make our life possible today.

Read this article, embrace the truth and be thankful to day, to those who made the Occident possible.

Anonymous said...

It was funny to watch Cathy Jolly suddenly stop trying to take credit for all of the Hillary campaign when her poll numbers dropped. Cathy wants all the credit for everyone else's work, and want to blame everyone else when it fails. Most. Corrupt. Politico. Ever. But, hey, its worked for her for 20 years!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about how to enjoy your KCMO Frosty turkey! First of all, follow the instructions on your phone or other electronic devise. (Thinking not required)

Google how to enjoy your turkey. Yahoo usually provides scientific answers to any questions you may have. Read carefully the instructions your Yahoo Answers replies with. These highly trained professionals aim to please. If 200 other comments later your confused, never fear.

Go to YouTube for a highly professional video which will explain to you how to enjoy your KCMO turkey.

Anonymous said...

Cranes and Toy Trains!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

There was never any doubt you'd win your own contest Tony. You'd do anything to give yorself another shot to tell us how great you are

Anonymous said...

The Water Services Dept management is the biggest Turkey of the year, decade, and generation.

Anonymous said...

The greatest turkey is Sly James for his inability to address the crime in this city. He's failed miserably and his legacy will be a more dangerous city than he received. He likes to hide behind the state control issue, but he sits on the board. His failure to lead is exactly why he is a big fat turkey.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how negative Toneee becomes when the world isn't going along with his twisted perspective on things? Damn what a turkey.

theEditor said...

TKC Voted Kansas City Blogging Turkey By The Same Spammer Trolls We

This is why we love you, TKC. You provide a valuable platform and entertainment. Some assholes in Kansas City just can't admit when they're wrong. Nobody likes to lose but we should all be reflecting on ourselves, actions and deeds. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I learned something. Did not know turkeys were "flightless birds" as this article leads us to believe. Personally I have seen many of them in flight.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City, city of turkeys.

The Butterballs can't fly said...

Over many generations, the domesticated turkey’s muscles have become too big to allow it to fly and its legs have becomes shorter, so it has a hard time running. In fact, they are so large and cumbersome that they can’t even mate; they are inseminated artificially in order to breed them further. Many have been bred for white plumage, so that the small pin feathers left after plucking are harder to see.

Anonymous said...

Trumps working on Thanksgiving to keep Carrier Corp in the U.S.

U.S. workers earn about $15 to $26 an hour — about what the company’s workers in Monterrey, Mexico, earn in a day.

JoJo said...

Happy turkey times to us all!

Funny list TK.

Good for a few laughs.

Anonymous said...

Trolly trolley boy, frequent, juevnile ubiquitous commenter on this blog (q.v. 11:44 et al), is my nomination for turkey of the year. Perhaps even the decade.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Citizens Task Force On Violence Gobbled Up A Lot Of Time But Offered No Solutions ----
So what did you expect? Solutions?
LOL. We don't even have a Police Department.

Anonymous said...

KCPD Chief Twitter.

Anonymous said...



Princess LapDancer who shaves beaver!!!


Lucy named Head chef for Butterballs!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Pinder says the secret to a good stuffing is all in the way she positions her legs!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tony.

Tracy Thomas said...

Fun read, Tony. thanks for ALL you do. since the Star became a dinosaur, tho not even a raptor, you have become the best and fastest way to know what's going on in this town.