Friday, November 04, 2016


Today's lesson . . . There's big bucks in the administration of higher education whilst enrollment still slumps in Missouri and many college students tragically learn that their degree wasn't worth it. You decide: New University of Missouri president will earn $530,000 a year


chuck said...

Ya gotta hand it to them for pretending that they succumbed to the Diversity Gods that rule over us, by hiring an Asian and laughing up their sleeves.

Those poor Asians.

What a hoot.

Affirmative Action, was absolutely, categorically designed by our Liberal and Progressive betters, to "Equal The Playing Field" for descendants of African American slaves. Now, the benefits extend to newly arrived Asians, who, poor things, are not white, therefore, in spite of superior IQ, hella skills in math and hot looking chicks (Full disclosure, I married a hot ass Chinese chick.), need our sympathy and help with special set asides that come out of the taxes from evil whites.

What a fuckin joke.

ANYONE who is not white, gets to jump on the HATE WHITEY bandwagon and collect free bennies.

In this case, you black bruthas, who thought that MU was going to toe the company Affirmative Action line and hire a black guy, are reaping what you fuckin sow.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Asians get screwed by Affirmative Action policies more than any other group. But when you get your news from white nationalist websites, you are bound to remain ignorant.

Bob said...

9:27, the irony is that east and south asian americans are the subject of the most blatant official discrimination of any race or ethnicity. Their standardized test scores have to be stratospheric - way higher than those of whites and way way way higher than those of blacks and hispanics - to be admitted to the most elite colleges.There is little doubt that Mun Choi will do the same, not that MU is an elite college.

Anonymous said...

he'll have to be strong to restore their reputation.

he should address the former journalism school. it had been part of their good reputation.

Anonymous said...

9:34 No Offense, but you are the one that is sounding kind of ignorant