Monday, November 07, 2016

Media Expert: Fear Dead Tree Media Demise

John worked for several years in Kansas City and has still has quite a few friends locally . . . His take down of the modern day newspaper is a MUST READ!!! Checkit: PRINT JOURNALISM IS ON ITS DEATH BED | Bottom Line Communications PR Firm


Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez will be missed.. not!

Anonymous said...

And if the quality of the journalism in the Star is any example, it's death by suicide.
Printing press releases for local government and ads for local businesses has been the Star's gig for quite some time.
The people running the place should be arrested for domestic abuse.

Anonymous said...

Times change. Business strategies must change. Home phones died under or noses. The aluminum Christmas tree died. The hoolahoop died. The Model T died.

There is little to no need for most print media. Most of it is garbage used to sell political views with almost no real news. Who needs that when you can get an opinion from every goofball with a computing device?

What I don't understand is why anyone would thing change is bad. Why can a few self proclaimed media elite just let go? Things change and tree hugging doesn’t promote progress. Journalists need to retrain or retool for modern media or a job at the Ford plant and accept that it doesn't mater if you got your masters in communications or journalism. Colleges need to change too.

Get over it. Move on! It is simple. Those who can embrace change will prosper and those who, after decades, are still sitting at home wondering what the Internet is about will perish.

Anonymous said...

just got a bill for $400 to renew the local newspaper.

people won't be able to afford that and obamacare!

Anonymous said...

Will MU close its former journalism school?

Anonymous said...

The author cites the Rolling Stone fake rape article as an example of how the media lost the trust of the public. A greater betrayal is the widespread collusion of the media with the Clinton campaign, as exposed by WikiLeaks.

Bob said...

8:44, the purpose of all journalism schools, MU's included, is to give journalism professors some busywork to do so they have less time to spend making trouble for the rest of us. Too bad about all those kids they con into becoming J-School majors: collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

When the media starts charging for balanced content with real information and with little or no advertising delivered on a platform that is easy to navigate then I think they can survive.

I can get the Wall Street Journal on a tablet 6 days per week, no advertising, just content, for much less than the Star's paper edition. It is completely downloaded, no watching the circle go round, no locking up, no popups.