Friday, November 04, 2016

Lucy And The Kansas City News Link List

Lucy Collett looms large is the hottie modeling world of "body acceptance" and her burgeoning career inspires not only our admiration but also this post bursting with Kansas City mainstream media morning links. Take a peek:

Crowded Kansas City Voting Preview
As absentee/early voting numbers soar, metro volunteers get set for big Election Day crowds
Sign Of Civic FAIL & Busted Infrastructure
Water main break floods KC sign business
Suburban Shut Down
Shawnee neighbors near loud train crossing are expecting more peace and quiet
And Now It's Christmas In Kansas City
Crown Center's Ice Terrace opens for 44th season
Golden Ghetto Middle-Class Tragedy
Sadness turns to outrage when Leawood couple discovers what happened to their dog while they vacationed
Kansas City Helping Hand Hero
Good Samaritan takes 2 adults, small child to hospital after car crash in KCMO
Kansas City Hipster Public Improvements
First Friday attendees expected to be pleasantly surprised with new upgrades in Crossroads neighborhood
Legal Workout Aftermath
KC man's injury prompts lawsuit against Crossfit
COMBAT Tax Promo
Community teams up for mural at 35th Street, Prospect Avenue
McTavish Makes The First Friday List
6 Insightful Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I love LUCY!

Anonymous said...

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
----Elton John

Lucy in the pie with a la mode.
----Weight Watchers

Hyperblogal said...

Don't want to hear trains? Don't buy a house near train tracks. .

Anonymous said...

9:39, Apparently it wasn't a problem until the new law.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a mural is sure to transform 35th & Prospect into a safe and prosperous neighborhood. Why I bet in no time it will look like College Blvd because of that mural. I mean look at what a mural did for 31st & Troost. There's a futon store now and a Family Dollar. Surely Fortune 100 companies will be looking to relocate to Prospect because of that mural.

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to the young men and women adding even more beauty and inspiration to their neighboorhood ! wHEN YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD ,YOU ARE FEELING GOOD!