Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kate And The Kansas City Morning Links

Hottie Kate Upton reminds us that Internets free speech and complaining can sometimes be important even when it's not overtly political.


Kate Upton Fires Off X-Rated Tweet After Justin Verlander Loses Cy Young

More over . . .

Kate Upton has a point: Writers must do better with baseball awards voting

Not that we care about her d-bag b/f but it's nice when hotties show a bit of passion for something other than their 14:59 minutes worth of fame once in awhile.

Accordingly, here's more than a few Kansas City mainstream media links that pique our interest for this morning . . .

Local Wreck Aftermath
Multiple vehicle crash injures 6 in southeast KC
Kansas City MSM Reads TKC
'Apocalyptic' photos, video capture abandoned Metro North Mall
Still Waiting For The Worst
Preppers stock up on food, survival supplies
Library High Praise Event Tonight
Kansas City: Genuinely World Class
Hampton Has It All Figured Out
The Weekend Starts Today
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If it makes ya feel any better Tony, Kate Upton is gong to drop a couple of kids and look like a water buffalo.

Anonymous said...


K.U. has been selected to win my Big 12!!!